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Sherman Oaks Medical Supplies carries an array of Orthopedic supplies. No matter what your injury is, you are sure to find something to help make your recovery that much easier. Choose from different types of Knee Braces, Wrist Braces, Foot Braces, Ankle Braces, Back Braces, Arm Braces, and Elbow Braces. We also carry Rehabilitative Neck Braces and Hernia Belts for pain and discomfort relief and prevention of further injury.

Cervical & Rehabilitation Collars

  • Cervical Collars & Rehabilitation Collars are used to stablize the neck, reducing pains and further injuries

Wrist Braces

  • Protects the Wrist, allowing it to heal
  • Immobilizes the Wrist, providing compression to the Wrist bones and ligaments

Arm, Elbow, & Shoulder Support

  • Protects the Arms, Elbows, and Shoulders, allowing them to heal

Body & Back Braces

  • Various types of Back Braces and Body Braces to prevent and treat Back pains

Hernia Belts

  • Helps to reduce and treat pains caused by Hernias

Knee Braces

  • Allows ligaments in the Knee to heal
  • Relieves Kneecap pain

Ankle & Foot Braces

  • Various types of Ankle Braces and Foot Braces to prevent and treat injuries

Arthritis Relief

  • Various compression pieces to help alleviate Arthritis pains