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Oxygen Home Fill

HomeFill is an accessory device to the oxygen concentrator that enables the patient to refill custom portable oxygen cylinders for personal use. Different manufacturers use different types of tanks that will not work with all HomeFill units. If you have a tank make sure it will work with the HomeFill unit before purchasing.

Because Oxygen Concentrators have gotten more advanced and smaller in size, a lot of people prefer purchasing a portable oxygen concentrator instead of a regular large concentrator with a HomeFill unit and oxygen tanks. We strongly encourage all our customers to consider using portable oxygen concentrators because they can be cheaper in price, save a lot of space in your home, and you don't have to worry about filling up oxygen cylinders. To get deep discounts on our portable oxygen concentrators stop by our showroom if you are near Los Angeles area or simply call us at toll free at 1-888-982-8889. We guarantee the lowest prices and have a large selection of portable oxygen concentrators in our showroom for you to come and see before buying.

HomeFill Compressor

The HomeFill Oxygen System (IOH200) is an electro‐mechanical prescription system for use in the home. Its intended function and use is to supply pressurized oxygen to fill Invacare proprietary gas cylinders for ambulatory use while the patient receives therapeutic oxygen from an accessory oxygen concentrator.

Ready Rack

Invacare HomeFill Ready-Rack is placed on top of the oxygen concentrator to hold the HomeFill Compressor Unit.


The IOH200 compressor can fill cylinders for portable use by ambulatory patients. The Invacare supplied portable gas cylinders have an interlocking fill fitting that mates only with the Invacare IOH200 compressor assembly. The gas cylinder also contains an integral flow regulator with fixed, selectable flow settings.

Cylinder Bag

Cylinder Bags are designed to make it easier for the person to carry the cylinder. It comes with a shoulder strap and different sizes to hold different size cylinders.

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