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Alber USA - Scalamobil S35/S28 Mobile Stair Wheelchair

Alber USA - Scalamobil S35/S28 Mobile Stair Wheelchair
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Using stairs the easy way - Converts your wheelchair into a mobile stair wheelchair

Scalamobil is a battery operated portable stair climber that attaches to most manual wheelchairs. This innovative device can ascend or descend almost any type of stair from spiral staircases to wood or stone step surfaces without wear and tear. No modifications or installations to existing building structures required.

Scalamobil is compact and lightweight making it ideal to transport and store.

Scalamobil weighs just 54 pounds and can carry a maximum load of 265 pounds up 300 steps on one battery charge.

  • Masters steps effortlessly
  • Climbs up to 300 steps with a single battery charge
  • Supports occupant weights up to 140 kg (without wheelchair)
  • Tackles narrow and spiral staircases
  • Stairs are not subject to damage or wear, thanks to the intelligent climbing system
  • Four automatic brakes for maximum safety
  • Can be fitted to most manual wheelchairs
  • Patented safety sensors
  • Also available with push-chair or integrated seat unit

Scalamobil: How It Works

Climb stairs in your own wheelchair!

With four rotating wheels at the base of the unit Scalamobil moves easily up and down steps at your pace with the adjustable speed control or step-by-step function.

Each wheel is equipped with a safety brake that automatically stops at the edge of every step*.

*Scalamobil must be used in accordance with the operating instructions.
Handles can be adjusted to the height of the operator providing a safe and comfortable experience.
Simply attach scalamobil to the wheelchair with the quick-locking device.

Scalamobil: Product Configuration

Climb stairs in your own wheelchair! A perfect solution for children and adults!

    Handle bar:
  • The ErgoBalance handles have been developed by specialists for optimum grip and operation with minimum effort. The soft padding prevents pressure sores
  • Separate control elements to preselect the climbing direction and to start climbing operation
  • Ergonomically designed drive switch for fatigueless operation
  • SoftTouch comfort pad at the rear side of the control unit, allowing the operator to support the climbing with the upper legs
  • Left and right handle horizontally adjustable to adjust to the build of the operator and for use in confined staircases
  • Stepless height adjustment of handlebar
  • Handlebar without cable. Contact to drive unit is established automatically when being attached
  • Clearly arranged display with indication of direction and battery warning
  • Activation of drive away lock with magnetic key
  • Backlit ON/OFF main switch
    E-box with control elements:
  • Interface for the programming and configuration of theIQ feature
  • Switch for activation/deactivation of single step mode
  • Stepless adjustment of climbing speed 6 19 steps/minutes
    Climbing unit with automatic safety brakes:
  • Patented climbing mechanism, designed for use on virtually any stair
  • Tyres made in a non-abrasive material, protecting the stair covering against damage
  • Four automatic safety brakes stop the scalamobil at the edge of each step. With larger diameter - overcome minor obstacles more easily
  • Lightweight housing in sturdy aluminium
  • Practical carrying handle for easy loading and transport
  • Equipped with bolts for attachment to wheelchair
    Battery pack:
  • Range of up to 300 steps with a single battery charge (weight of person approx. 70 kg/154 lbs)
  • Quickly replaceable, to extend range of scalamobil
  • Battery can also be charged when separated from scalamobil
    Automatic charger:
  • Electronic charge and switch-off mechanism
  • LED indicating status of charging process
  • Automatic adaptation to mains voltage 90 V - 240 V (practical for travelling)

Scalamobil: Accessories

Using stairs the easy way - Converts your wheelchair into a mobile stair wheelchair

  • For attachment of scalamobil to the wheelchair (if not installed, please order with scalamobil)
  • Please indicate wheelchair type and seat height
  • Brackets for scalamobil are compatible with viamobil V15
  • Ensures optimum support and stability for the head and neck area during stair climbing
  • With clip function for scalamobil and scalacombi
  • With soft padding
  • Adjustable in height, depth and angle of inclination
    scalamobil S38 with climbing height extension:
  • For steps up to 25 cm in height
  • A modified frame is required for use with scalachair X3
  • Also available with integrated seat unit as scalamobil_fly or with universal adapter scalaport X7
    Wheel transport bracket:
  • For the transport of the wheelchair wheels with the scalamobil
  • The wheels do not need to be removed
  • Bracket is compatible with most wheelchair models
    Car charger:
  • Battery pack can be charged in the car during travel
  • Automatic charge and switch-off mechanism (function depending on vehicle used)
  • Display with indication of charging status
  • Input 12 V 32 V
    Safety pelvic belt:
  • With tried-and-tested safety quick-locking device
  • 90 cm long
  • Simple to attach to wheelchair
  • Removable via quick-locking device
  • Height and length can be adjusted
  • With automatic swing-aside feature for climbing kerbs and crossing thresholds
  • Are attached to the wheelchair bracket for the scalamobil (must be removed before stair climbing)

Scalamobil: Is Scalamobil Right For You?

Climb stairs in your own wheelchair!

Most stair climbing problems can be solved with the Scalamobil, however, we want to make sure that the Scalamobil is the right solution for you. The questions listed below are important in determining if Scalamobil is suitable for your needs.


  • Maximum load is 265 pounds. Will this limit be exceeded?
  • Are there any special needs devices mounted under the wheelchair seat? If yes, we may need to consider an alternative Transfer System.
  • Will the Scalamobil be attached to an existing manual wheelchair? Does the wheelchair meet the necessary requirements for a Standard Installation?
  • Do you use a power wheelchair? If yes, please see Transfer Systems for alternative options.


  • Are you in good physical condition?
  • Are you able to walk up stairs backwards?
  • Are you able to lift 20% of your own body weight?

If you answered Yes to the above questions, you will most likely encounter little difficulty operating the Scalamobil. Free evaluations and demonstrations are always conducted prior to purchasing to ensure that Scalamobil is the proper solution for you.


  • Maximum step range on one charge is 300 steps. Will this limit be exceeded?
  • What is the width of the staircase? Minimum distance needed is 3 feet.
  • Is a landing(s) present? Minimum landing space for turning is 3 feet x 3 feet.
  • What is the maximum step rise of any step to be climbed? Maximum step height allowed is 10".
  • What is the depth of the steps to be climbed? Minimum step width allowed is 4".
  • Are the stairs in good condition? Check for deteriorating wood, crumbling cement, etc.
  • Will this be used indoors? Outdoors? Scalamobil should only be operated on dry steps that are clear of any debris or hazards.

Scalamobil: Standard Installation

Climb stairs in your own wheelchair!

Most manual wheelchairs can accommodate the Scalamobil. A simple bracket installation is all that is required! Wheelchairs must meet the following criteria*:

  1. Seat width of wheelchair must be be between 11" and 23" wide. Seat to floor height must be at least 16".
  2. Rear wheels must be quick release style. (We can covert in most cases.)
  3. Area under seat must be free of devices such as ventilators, oxygen tanks, etc.
Using the Scalamobil is fast and easy!
  1. Roll the Scalamobil under the wheelchair seat and fasten to the brackets using the quick release pins.
  2. Using the Scalamobil, slightly lift the wheelchair up and remove the rear wheels
  3. Position the wheelchair at the steps and you are ready to climb!

Scalamobil: Frequently Asked Questions

Does the scalamobil fit my wheelchair?
Yes, the scalamobil fits on nearly all models of wheelchair thanks to adapters that are mounted just once on the existing wheelchair.

Does it also work on spiral staircases?
Yes, and even on different materials such as carpet, wood,
stone or metal.

Could my staircase be damaged?
No, as a result of the unique climbing mechanism and thanks to the special tyres, the edges of the steps are well protected.

How is the scalamobil driven?
The quiet electric motor on the scalamobil runs off a powerful rechargeable battery, that is kept always operational using a charger.

How far can I travel with a single charge of the battery?
As a rule, one charge of the battery is enough to climb 300 steps (for a person weighing approx. 70 kg or 155 lbs). That is equivalent to about 20 floors.

Does one need a lot of strength to operate the scalamobil?
At the push of a button, the electric motor takes care of all the climbing work. Guiding the scalamobil requires very little strength.

What is the maximum permitted height and depth of a step?
The steps where a scalamobil is used should be at least 11 cm (4 _ in) deep and not more than 20 cm (8 ") high. (As an option we also offer a step height extension up to 25 cm or 10 in).

Can the scalamobil also be used outside the house?
Basically the scalamobil can be used on all kinds of steps, even in the open or in public buildings. The scalamobil can be dismantled into 3 parts, it is easy to trans-port and fits in every car boot.

How heavy can a person be who wishes to use the scalamobil as a staircase climbing aid?
Not counting the wheelchair, the maxium permitted total weight should not exceed 160 kg or 352 lbs.

How much does the scalamobil weigh?
- Drive unit without battery: 16.6 kg; 36.6 lbs
- Battery: 2.7 kg; 5.9 lbs
- Handle: 5.2 kg; 11.5 lbs
- Total weight: 24.5 kg; 54.0 lbs
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