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Specialty Walkers Rentals

If you are recovering from a foot or ankle injury, it can be difficult for you to get place to place. Using crutches can be tiring and painful, especially if you are walking for any length of time. At the same time, you will likely not want to use a wheelchair or scooter if you can avoid it. One possible solution is to rent a knee walker to help you increase your mobility while you recover.

Sherman Oaks Medical Supplies has several different walker rental options for you to choose from to aid with your mobility. Choose from standard rolling walkers to assist the elderly to their daily mobility or knee walkers for people who have foot or ankle injury. Our staff of experts can help you to choose the walker option is that right for your situation. Our team of professionals wants to make sure that you get the right product and will do everything to help you find the perfect model. Continue Reading

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Folding Walker Rental Folding Walker Rental

For RentWeight Capacity: 250+ lbs
Weight: about 6 lbs

Weekly: $20.00
Monthly: $40.00
Four Wheel Rollator Rental Four Wheel Rollator Rental

For RentWeight Capacity: 250+ lbs
Weight: about 15 lbs

Weekly: $30.00
Monthly: $50.00
Knee Walker for Rent Knee Walker Rental

For RentWeight Capacity: 400 lbs
Weight: about 23 lbs

Weekly: $40.00
Monthly: $100.00

Finding the right walker is important to make sure that you recover from your injury properly. You also want to make sure that you arenít putting stress on other joints or muscles by using a walker that isnít right for you. Your health and comfort are just two of the reasons why walker rentals should only be done with experts that you can trust. With our years of experience, our team at Sherman Oaks Medical Supplies can make sure you are choosing the right walking aid for you.

Feel free to come by our showroom or call us to start your walker rental process. We are located in Sherman Oaks but can deliver our rental products anywhere in Southern California, which is important if you have limited mobility and may not be able to drive. This means that we can help you out if you need a knee walker rental in Los Angeles and the surrounding area.

We offer the lowest rates you can find for a rolling walker or knee walker rental in Los Angeles, so browse our selection of walkers today and contact us to start your rental process. All you need is a credit card and a valid ID in order to complete your rental. We make it affordable and convenient to rent a walker to help you get around.