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Patient Lifts

Patient lifts are an important tool particularly for caregivers who care for patients with limited or absent abilities to ambulate or transfer themselves. Attempting to move a patient by picking them up alone can result in injuries to the caregiver. It also increases the chances of accidentally dropping or hurting the patient. Sherman Oaks Medical Supplies is a leading retailer of patient lifts from top manufacturers. Our selection includes basic manual and electric patient lifts along with specialty products, such as heavy duty patient lifts for patients of all sizes. Along with patient lifts, we also carry different slings and accessories.

Manual Patient Lifts

  • Most basic
  • Affordable
  • Operated by manual crank and hydraulic assistance

Electric Patient Lifts

  • Remote controlled to lift the person up
  • Easier and quicker to use than manual patient lifts

Stand-Up Patient Lifts

  • For patients who are able to bear some weight when standing but lack the ability to fully bear their own weight have unique needs.
  • Allows you to stand on your own as much as possible while giving them the support they need to not fall down
  • Great option for patients in rehab who are learning to stand or walk again

Bariatric Patient Lifts

  • Recommended for transferring those who weigh more than 350 lbs.
  • Use it to get into or out of bed, or into a seated position

Portable Patient Lifts

  • Great for those who travel by plane, car, or train
  • Easy disassembly
  • Quick reassembly

Lift Slings & Accessories

Patient Lift Slings

  • For use in conjunction with Patient Lifts to safely lift patients

Patient Lift Accessories

  • Accessories for your Patient Lift, such as Digital Patient Scales

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