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Alber USA - e-motion M15 Power Assist Wheels (1 pair)

e-motion M15 Power Assist
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The only Power Assist on the market powered by long lasting Lithium Ion Technology - 3 x more range!

New Ergonomic Control System (ECS) that customizes the e-motion M15 to the users needs!

  • Rollback delay! Prevents the wheelchair from rolling back while climbing inclines or ramps
  • Two power assistance levels
  • Battery capacity indicator
  • 10 programmable parameters
  • Self-diagnosis for easy trouble shooting

e-motion M15 fits most manual wheelchairs new or existing on the market.

It's so easy:

The e-motion power-assisted wheel is mounted on the wheelchair in place of the manual wheels. The batteries are integrated in the wheel hub and can be removed from a sitting position. A sensor registers the propelling movement and activates the electrical motors.

Ideal for tranportation:

Easy to dismantle and ideal for transportation.

e-motion Key Facts

  • E.motion's Speed + Weight + Low Center of Gravity = Stability and Balance of all 3 forces.
  • Easy to Operate with limited hand function with E.motion's adjustable sensitivity for quads, paras and kids.
  • Li-Ion Powered 16 miles/charge, lighter, stronger and longer lasting.
  • 2 Assist Levels for different driving situations, low and high, indoor and outdoor.
  • Programmable Proportional Electronics to meet the functional needs of any user to have safe controlled independence.
  • Ergonomic Control System (ECS) controls all system functions at the touch of a button.
  • Provides Forward, Reverse and Turning power assistance.
  • Roll Back Delay to safely climb hills and ramps, Braking assistance when in descent.
  • Adaptable to any standard wheelchair, folding or rigid.
  • Active mobility and Therapeutic benefits.
  • Relieves the Stress off your muscles and joints, staying mobile while exercising your vital functions.
  • Proven Performance on all terrains and in all weather conditions wet or dry with no loss of traction.
  • Powerful enough to make the hike up Pike's Peak and Sensitive enough to control in small tight spaces!
  • Accommodating to all wheelchair users up to 285 lbs.

e-motion: Product Configuration

  • 22 x 1" or 24 x 1" standard low profile pneumatic tires
  • Motor integrated into the wheel hub
  • Quick-release device for easy attaching/removing of drive wheels
  • E-motion widens the wheelchair by 1-1.5" depending on the model of wheelchair
  • Brushed stainless steel push-rim

Battery Pack
  • Up to 16 miles range per charge according to ISO 7176-
  • Long lasting Lithium-Ion technology (approximately 3x more range!)
  • Light weight (5 lbs. each)
  • Easily removable with quick-release device
  • Optional spare batteries available

Ergonomic Control System (ECS)
  • Rollback delay
    • Activation via ECS
    • Prevents wheelchair from rolling back while climbing inclines or ramps
  • ECS Features
    • Programming of driving parameters (10 parameters in all)
    • Large buttons easy to operate with little effort
    • On/Off, assistance levels, info button for current status display
  • Two assistance levels
    • High/Low, individually programmable
  • Remote Battery Monitor
    • Check battery capacity from the upright sitting position
  • Self-diagnosis
    • Display of service and diagnostic codes via LCD screen on the ECS
  • Coded Radio Transmission
    • Prevents interferences with other electrical devices
    • Safe signal transmission and accurate indication of operating conditions

Automatic charger:
  • Automatic adaptation to any mains voltage (100-240V)
  • Removable power cable
  • Electronic automatic charge and switch-off mechanism
  • State of charge is indicated by the LEDs on the e-motion wheel
  • Charging time is approximately 6 hours

e-motion: Accessories

  • Only a small bracket on each side of the wheelchair allows the e-motion wheels to be mounted
  • Customized brackets for each wheelchair model
  • Fits almost all conventional wheelchair models
  • Manual wheelchair wheels can normally continue to be used

Anti-tippers with swiveling and jack-up functions:
  • Easily attached and removed via quick-release device
  • Height and length adjustable
  • Automatic swing-aside feature for climbing curbs and crossing thresholds
  • Jack-up function for easy removal of wheels
  • Anti-tippers are distributed in pairs; original wheelchair anti-tippers can normally be used

Spare Batteries:
  • Long lasting Lithium-Ion technology
  • Range of up to 16 miles per charge in compliance with ISO 7176-4
  • Light weight (5 lbs. each)
  • Easily removable with quick-release device

Push-Rim Coating:
  • Improves grip
  • Ideal for users with limited hand functions
  • Completely coated push-rim prevents against slippage

Spoke Guard:
  • Protection against turning wheel
  • For both 22" and 24" wheel sizes

ECS Bracket:
  • Used to attach the ECS directly to the wheelchair
  • ECS can be inserted and removed without the use of tools
  • Makes handling of ECS easier, especially if hand functions are limited
  • Also available: neoprene pouch with retractable reel cord and neoprene pouch with Velcro strap for easy attachment to forearm or thigh

e-motion: Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can the e-motion be fitted to my wheelchair?
A: E-motion wheels can be fitted to almost all conventional wheelchair models. A specially designed bracket is mounted on the wheelchair frame to support the e-motion wheels. The manual wheelchair wheels can still be used with the bracket attached.

Q: Which e-motion versions are available?
A: The basic versions of e-motion are listed below:

  • E-motion M14 (non-programmable) and E-motion M15 (standard with ECS)
  • Wheel sizes: 22" or 24"
  • Push-rims: Stainless steel (standard)
  • Tires: low-profile pneumatic tires (standard)

Q: What accessories are available for the e-motion?
A: Anti-tippers, spoke guards, cast metal ECS mounting hardware, neoprene pouches for ECS, spare battery packs, push-rim covers (dipped and removable), flat-free tires with solid inserts

Q: How far can I travel on a single battery charge?
A: The drive engineering employed in the e-motion means that the achievable range depends very heavily on the respective conditions of usage. Indoor movement involving continuous use of motor power for starting, steering, and braking reduces the range considerably more than consistent movement outdoors. A battery charge can be sufficient here for a distance of approximately 16 miles under favorable conditions.

Q: How fast is the e-motion?
A: E-motion does not have a definite maximum speed level. The speed achieved depends on the strength of the propelling movement, just like that of a manual wheelchair. E-motion assists the propelling movement up to 3.7mph.

Q: Are there weight restrictions for someone wanting to use the e-motion?
A: E-motion is designed for a maximum user weight of 286 lbs., regardless of the type of wheelchair being used.

Q: How much does the e-motion weigh?
A: 2 wheels: 25 lbs. each
2 batteries: 5 lbs. each
1 charger: 4 lbs.

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