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Rent Medical Equipment near Southern California. Sherman Oaks Medical Supply Store, Inc has been serving our community since 1997. We are JCAHO accredited and RESNA certified to help you with all of your medical supply and equipment needs. We provide clean & sanitized Medical equipment rentals for your temporary medical equipment needs. Stop by our large Medical Supply Store in Los Angeles, San Fernando Valley and let our experienced staff assist you in picking out the right Manual Wheelchairs for Rent, Power Wheelchair for Rent, Wheelchair Ramp for Rent, Lift Chairs for Rent, Specialty Walker for Rent, Hospital Bed for Rent and other types of medical supplies and medical equipment for Rent. Continue Reading

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Hospital Beds Rentals

Semi-electric, full electric & heavy duty hospital beds, adjustable beds, long term home care beds, foam & air mattresses, trapeze bars & overbed tables

Powered Mobility Rentals

Travel scooters, heavy duty scooters, captain seat power chairs, travel power chairs, heavy duty power chairs, & rehab power chairs

Manual Wheelchair Rentals

Standard, transport, lightweight, ultralight, bariatric, pediatric, and reclining wheelchairs. We also rent strollers, recliners & more

Wheelchair Ramps Rentals

Power chair, wheelchair and scooter ramps for rent. We carry single fold / suitcase ramps from 2' to 6' and trifold ramps from 5' to 10'

Lift Chairs Rentals

3 position lift chair rentals and infinite position lift chair rentals for local customers. All our rentals are brand new or in good condition

Mattress & Support Surface Rentals

Foam & air mattresses and support surfaces available for rent for use with compatible home style, home care, long term care, & hospital beds.

Patient Lift Rentals

Hydraulic / manual, electric / power patient lifts, standing patient lifts and standing transfer aids for rent.

Respiratory Equipment Rental

Oxygen concentrators, portable oxygen concentrators, home fill units, oxygen cylinders, CPAP, BiPAP and suction machines

Specialty Walkers Rentals

Knee walkers, four wheel rollators, & folding walkers available for rent. All our rentals are brand new or in good condition

Other Rentals

You can find all other rental equipment here including cold rush therapy system & more...

There are many reasons that people might need a short-term rental medical equipment. The most common is that they have had some sort of accident or surgery that has limited their mobility for a fixed period of time. Whether they will be unable to walk for a few weeks or for several months, they need to be able to get around, but purchasing medical equipment doesn’t make financial sense. Other people choose to rent equipment because their regular equipment is broken or because they are traveling and don’t want to bring their mobility equipment with them.

A common question that people with mobility issues ask is “where can I find mobility equipment rentals near me that are convenient and affordable?” For people in Southern California, the answer is Sherman Oaks Medical Supplies. We have been offering rentals and sales to customers throughout the area since 1997 and have become one of the largest stores for mobility equipment rentals in the Los Angeles area.

Sherman Oaks Medical Supplies offers more than just wheelchair rentals. Customers can rent a wide variety of medical equipment for their short-term or long-term care. This includes wheelchair ramps, lift chairs, specialty walkers, hospital beds and respiratory equipment. People in need of mobility who have difficulty propelling a manual wheelchair can choose from our powered mobility rentals instead of manual wheelchair rentals.

Whether you need a wheelchair rental in Los Angeles or require a rental of a different medical or mobility apparatus, Sherman Oaks Medical Supplies is the smart choice. We are accredited by The Joint Commission (TJC) - formerly the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations - and certified by the Rehabilitation Engineering and Assistive Technology Society of North America (RESNA). This means that you can trust that you are getting the highest quality care and products if you rent a wheelchair or any other product with us.

Our reputation comes from the great care and knowledge provided by our team of experts. Our professionally-trained staff will assist you in every step of the process during your medical equipment or wheelchair rental. We’ll make sure that you are getting the right product for your unique situation and that you’ll feel comfortable using the equipment as long as you need it.

Call us today or come by our showroom in Sherman Oaks to see all of the different medical equipment that we have available for rental. You won’t find a better selection to choose from and at more affordable rates when you want to rent medical equipment. All of our rental products are kept in excellent condition, so you can feel comfortable that they are safe and reliable when you make a rental from us.

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