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Respiratory Care

Respiratory Care is priority for those who have respiratory issues. For people who have cancer, COPD, or heart attacks and strokes, the assistance of Respiratory Therapy equipment is critical for them to breathe comfortably and enjoy a normal life. Sherman Oaks Medical Supplies is an authorized re-seller for many of the leading names in the Respiratory Care industry. We carry a range of products including oxygen concentrators and aerosol therapy for people with chronic lung conditions. We also have CPAP machines and accessories for management of sleep apnea.

Types of Respiratory Therapy Equipment

Sleep Therapy

  • CPAP machines, full face masks, nasal masks
  • Humidifiers
  • BiPAP, VPAP, Bi-Level machines

Oxygen Concentrators

  • Converts regular air into pure oxygen by removing nitrogen
  • Effectively increases oxygen levels for Respiratory care patients

Portable Oxygen Concentrators

  • Oxygen on the go!
  • Battery powered, compact, & lightweight

Oxygen Home Fill

  • Refillable Oxygen Tanks
  • Allows a person to refill their Oxygen Tank without leaving the comfort of their home

Aerosol Therapy

  • Can provide immediate relief from Asthma attacks
  • Also used for long-term treatment designed to strengthen a persons lungs
  • Medicine is delivered in mist form via nebulizer cup, then is inhaled through mouthpiece or mask

Suction Machines

  • Clears out secretions blocking the airways
  • Works well for those with a tracheotomy or upper respiratory infections

Pulse Oximeters

  • Device rests on the fingertip of patients
  • Quickly gives accurate readings of a person’s oxygen saturation levels, along with blood volume in their skin

CPAP Tubing

  • Provides steady flow of Oxygen from CPAP Machine to mask

Respitory Care Guide