Carebag Medical Grade Male Urinal Bag with Super Absorbent Pad 20-Ct


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Option to bulk order Case of 21 boxes available. Each Box includes 20 CareBags for a total of 420 Bags when ordering bulk.

The Medical Grade Carebag Male Urinal is a great solution for long trips or for anytime a toilet is not available or out of reach. Our discreet & compact design allows it to conveniently fit inside a jacket pocket, purse or glove compartment. It is a medical grade bag equipped with a unique super absorbent pad designed to effectively catch and contain up to 16oz of urine and will spare you the trouble of cleaning up liquid waste in case of incident. No more mess!

Avoid the hassle of hand cleaning unsanitary plastic urinals. Designed for both male children and adults, it is the ideal solution for when a toilet is out of reach. The Carebag Male Urinal is a must have for people with limited mobility, or simply for people traveling.These Carebag Male Urinals have a minimum Shelf Life of 5 Years.

No More Mess

No Mess, Work Less!

The super absorbent pad eliminates spills, splashes, and significantly reduces odor by turning body fluids into a gel!

Discreet & Convenient

Discreet & Convenient

The Carebag Male Urinal's unique and compact design allows you to bring it wherever you may need it! Easily fit one inside your jacket pocket, purse, or glove compartment.

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