Hill-Rom NP50 Pressure Prevention Mattress

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Hill-Rom (Model: NP50)
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This affordable foam mattress is a firm and comfortable option for therapeutic relief.

Weight Weight Capacity Length Width Warranty
24 lbs. 350 lbs 76",80",84" 36" 1 Year Limited

Hill Rom NP50 Pressure Prevention Mattress

The Hill Rom NP50 foam surface is the epitome of comfort, affordability, and safety. By incorporating the latest technology from our testing facilities, patients and caregivers will benefit from the Hill Rom NP50’s lightweight, easy to clean, and aesthetically-pleasing design. The Hill Rom NP50 is perfect for extended care, acute care, and home environments. Along with our intrepid design, NP50 is also affordable and can conform with bed frame articulations. The Hill Rom NP50 is also available in larger sizes and can also be purchased with a raised perimeter for added safety.

Hill Rom NP50
Hill Rom NP50 Features:
  • Polyurethane coated nylon ticking protects the mattress from fluid penetration
  • Anti-skid bottom helps keep the mattress in place on the sleep deck

At a glance

The Hill-Rom non-powered NP50prevention surface is a high quality and affordable foam mattress that addresses pressure redistribution. This surface, designed for use in acute care and extended care environments, is constructed of high quality, medical grade foam. This lightweight mattress is also durable and reversible from head to foot.

  • Single density foam prevention mattress
  • Fire barrier included in all surfaces
  • Lightweight, easy-to-clean, wipeable cover
  • Fluid-resistant, leak-proof fabric protects the surface from fluid penetration
  • Durable ticking accommodates heavy use in a rigorous environment
  • Anti-skid bottom helps keep the surface in place
  • Enclosed design with no protruding parts
  • EPA-registered anti-microbial agent in foam to provide additional protection from odor-causing bacteria
  • Reversible from head to foot
  • Articulation cuts allow the surface to conform to the bed frame
  • Accommodates weight up to 350 lbs

How Patient Assessment and Pressure-Relieving Mattresses Work in Tandem

When it comes to patient assessment in a homecare setting, the caregiver must ensure optimal comfort, support, and most importantly safety.


Elderly patients that are functionally limited are prone to injuring themselves when they are not carefully watched. Potential injuries dramatically rise when the patient isn’t surrounded by the necessary preventative equipment needed. Furthermore, patients that are confined to a bed are at an elevated risk of developing pressure ulcers.

Now, these ulcers aren’t just painful for the patient, it can severely affect the patient’s health as well.

These ulcers CAN be prevented.

How? By eliminating the factors that lead to their occurrence. It is possible to remove these intrinsic actors and maintain a heightened health state for the patient with the proper pressure mattress – such as the Hill Rom NP50 Mattress – combined with the consideration of patient positioning.

Proper risk assessment leads to healthier lifestyles

When assessing one’s surroundings, clinical judgment is mandatory. If you are assessing the patient and he or she is displaying signs of discomfort and stress, it is highly recommended that you employ a more efficient pressure mattress in the current one’s place. The Hill Rom NP50 prevention mattress is more than just comfortable, it also incorporates the use of nylon to reduce the risk of pressure ulcers on a patient.

Skin damage is an indicator

By assessing the patient’s body, be on the lookout for pressure injury in the form of an area of redness – erythema. If the erythema does not blanch upon light pressure, it is classified as a pressure ulcer. Be sure that you inspect the patient’s entire body surface as these erythemas indicate ulcers or ulcers that are in the process.

If the patient already has skin damage…

Purchase them a quality pressure-relieving mattress for their bed. Also, base the type of mattress on the severity of the damage. Note that each patient will not be the same. Patients that are at risk of undergoing surgery for skin care MUST have a pressure-relieving mattress on their bed at all times. Patients that are at an elevated risk should have a high technology mattress.

Mattresses won’t do any good without proper positioning

While you may have a quality pressure-relieving mattress, such as the Hill Rom NP50, under the patient’s bed, it won’t provide them immediate relief. It has to be used in conjunction with proper positioning. By repositioning the patient, you are reducing the risk of ongoing pressure damage. Be sure that you create a schedule in which you strictly follow. This will keep you on track with when you need to rotate the patient and reposition him or her. This schedule should not be neglected just because you have employed a mattress. Rather, it’s to also ensure that the patient’s well-being and comfort is looked after.

Pressure ulcers can develop in any age group. Although it may be impossible to eliminate pressure ulcers altogether, you can mitigate the risks of one occurring. And, if you are the caretaker, you can be the preventative measure that your patient needs to thrive. There are numerous consequences to these ulcers, by purchasing a mattress from Hill Rom and practicing proper positioning and caretaking tactics, you can drastically improve the health of an individual that is suffering.

Dimensions 80″ W x 35.5″ L x 6″ H
76″ W x 35.5″ L x 6″ H
84″ W x 35.5″ L x 6″ H
Base layer: 6″ Firm support; 1.8 PCF
Firm support base 36 ILD; Density 1.8 PCF
MVP 300 gm/sqm/24 hrs.
Patient weight limit 350 lbs
Weight Approx. 24 lbs
Flammability Cal129, CPSC 16CFR1633, Boston IX-11

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