Hill-Rom P500 Pressure Redistribution Mattress

Hill-Rom (Model: P500MR)
Price: $21,995.00
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Comprehensive skin care for your patient. This surface is ideal for anyone looking to prevent, heal and recover from pressure ulcers.

Weight Capacity Length Width Height Warranty
500 lbs 84" 35.5" 8" N/A

Hill-Rom P500 Pressure Redistribution Mattress

The P500 Therapy mattress is the new standard in skincare and comfort. This state of the art surface not only addresses shear, friction, and pressure but also keeps the skin cool and dry. Hill-Rom's patented Advanced Microclimate® technology wicks away heat and moisture, making the skin less susceptible to damage. In addition, the advanced weight-based pressure redistribution technology in the P500 Therapy Surface adjusts to the individual’s weight and position to ensure the right balance between envelopment and support.

Hill-Rom P500 Pressure Redistribution Mattress Features:

  • Comfort adjust to optimize patient comfort within a therapeutic range
  • Advanced Microclimate® Technology, next generation low air loss helps keep the user's skin cool, dry.
  • Weight-based pressure redistribution minimizes shear and friction on the skin while making automatic mattress adjustments based on the individual user's body features and position in bed
  • Quilted top layer for added comfort
  • One button turn assist and max inflate aid caregivers when repositioning patients
  • Bed exit system to notify caregivers when patients have exited from the bed
  • Turn assist helps caregiver reposition the user
  • Designed to fit most flat deck bedframe
Dimensions 84" x 35.5" x 8"
Weight Capacity 500lbs
Weight 131 lbs 6 oz
Flammability Boston IX-11, CAL 129, 16CFR1633, 16CFR1632, CAN/CGSB 4.2#27.7
Air Supply Length: 13.75"
Width: 14.5"
Weight: 30 lbs

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