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  • Amy Systems

    Amy Systems

    The Rapid Evolution of Wheelchair Lifestyle

    Despite the obvious benefits that a wheelchair offers to the user, it also represents a disliked and intensely difficult lifestyle that an individual must endure. The psychological impediments are some that cannot be reversible. Essentially, you are taking away that personís freedom to walk on their own two legs and forcing them to be confined in a chair. However, with new technology, users are now able to utilize the functions of wheelchairs to allow for more mobile freedom. Itís understandable for the user to become frustrated with the confinements of a wheelchair. Itís a daily reminder that they will not be able to live the same type of lifestyle that they were accustomed to.

    An appropriated wheelchair user must be carefully observed by the caretaker - more or less if they are an elderly individual. They require the utmost attention and care. Since each userís needs are unique and different from one another, each situation should be handled differently. Continue Reading

  • EZ-Access

    EZ Access

    Selecting the Right Type of Wheelchair Ramp Can Save You Both Time and Money

    Choosing the right type of wheelchair ramp is an important task that may be a nuisance if done incorrectly. Here are some tips that you can use to find the right type of ramp for your home. Remember, there are many variables that you need to address when you are determining how to make your home both accessible and safe when mobility is a concern that needs to be addressed. So, how do you go about deciding what you really need?

    Ask Questions

    One way of deciding is by creating a set checklist. You can then go about choosing the specific type of ramp. For example, one question you may want to ask yourself is whether or not the person is using a wheelchair, cane, walker, or just struggling with steps. Is the person using a manual or power wheelchair? Are they being assisted by a caregiver? How many steps are at the main entrance of your home. Is it difficult to access the backyard, porch, or patio? Is this ramp going to be permanently established or just for temporary use? Continue Reading

  • Golden Technologies

    Golden Technologies

    The Importance of Wheelchair Adjustment and the Beneficial Effects Behind It

    If you are a caretaker thatís looking to make the appropriate adjustments for the proper wheelchair fit, then this article is for you. This is one of the most essential considerations that requires you to carefully examine the individualís specific needs in order to find the right wheelchair for him or her. Working hand-in-hand with clinician, you will carefully examine the chair and make the appropriate adjustments to ensure the userís safety. This is important for both the health of the user and the ease of use for the caretaker.

    Approaching Wheelchair Components

    The wheelchair components should be adjusted based on the user in order to obtain the optimum biomechanical advantage that is necessary necessary for efficient propulsion. This also means that the muscles should be in the resting length in the starting position. Therefore, itís important that proper measurements of his or her body size and mass should be carefully calculated. Also, your speak with a clinician in regards to the model of the wheelchair. If the patient can still propel themselves, they should use a manual wheelchair in order to build up muscle strength - which is important as their bones begin deteriorating due to old age.


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  • Harmar


    How to Prevent Slippage in Bathrooms for the Elderly

    There are a variety of medical products that can help you accommodate the changing needs of elderly individuals. It is important to consider safe modifications when designing an accessible bathroom in order to prevent the elderly harm from slippage. Safe modifications include bathroom chairs, transfer benches, bath lifts, grab bars, and other items. Continue Reading

  • Hill-Rom

    Hill Rom Company

    How to Proactively Meet Hospital Bed Safety Standards

    Patient safety should always be stressed when using a hospital bed. In many cases, youíll find that the patient will tend to unintentionally roll to the sides, which may cause them to fall and injure themselves. Furthermore, the patient could also feel the need to get out of bed to relieve him or herself. If they are feeble, they face the risk of fracturing their hip or leg. Always keep a watchful eye at all times. Here are some tips that will help you make the most of out of patient safety when it comes to hospital beds.

    Choose the Right Style of Bed

    Depending on the style of the hospital bed, you may have to conform to these strategies that are listed. Hill Rom Company manufactures hospital beds. One of their products ushers a new level of safety with their patented bed rails and other locking mechanisms that ensure the patient is in a safe environment. Similar products utilize the same type of protective measures, but the bed shouldnít always be relied on for safety purposes. You also need to monitor your patients frequently and anticipate their moves based on their needs. Continue Reading

  • Inogen

    Inogen Company

    How to Actively Participate in the Care for Respiratory Therapy Patients

    Respiratory distress can happen to anybody. Ideally, itís more prevalent in people that have been long-time smokers or have had a history of lung issues. But, because the lungs a sensitive organ in your body, any foreign body that enters it could potentially prove to be of extreme danger.

    If you are caring for someone that is suffering from respiratory distress, itís important that you remain vigilant with his or her equipment at all times. Here are some ways that you can go about doing so.

    First of all, if you are looking to purchase respiratory equipment, Inogen Company is a respiratory care provider that supplies high-grade equipment. Theyíve always maintained a high standard when it comes to quality and they continue to transcend the industry, as we know it today. Continue Reading

  • Invacare


    An In-Depth Look Into Wheelchairs: Function Versus Recreation

    When it comes to wheelchairs, one has a variety of options that are available to meet a clientís need. However, it can be somewhat difficult to determine whether or not you want to move up or down in a specific category of wheelchairs. In this article, we will explain how Invacare manual wheelchairs are indicated. This will determine how you can go about approaching the purchase of a wheelchair. Some clinicians view manual wheelchairs as a failure of therapy. However, in order to improve functional skills, sometimes the best means of achieving therapeutic intervention is through the use of mobility - which manual wheelchairs provide to patients.

    Functional Mobility

    What is functional mobility? The essence of functional mobility provides movement within an environment in an efficient and safe way. Efficiency in this case means that undue effort or time is not mandated. People choose various mobility aids depending on the tasks at hand and the condition of the individual using it. For example, if someone were to ride around the environment on a bicycle, they would be doing it for recreation rather than function. On the other hand, if a college student were to head to campus, it would be for the reason of being less costly than paying for parking. Recreation versus function is an important factor that needs to be carefully considered prior to making the purchase. Continue Reading

  • Joerns


    How to Afford Hospital Beds for Home Health Care

    Adults that have varying health difficulties, not just the seriously ill, have been known to enjoy their hospital bed for use at home - once they have become accustomed to using a hospital bed that is. After they get past the fact that they are actually beneficial for their well-being, they can help them sleep and rest more comfortably. There are numerous features on a hospital bed such as a leverage system that raises or lowers their head and feet. Side rails can also be added to create peace of mind when it comes to falls. The overall height of the bed can also be lowered to make it easier to get in and out of. With so many features, itís no wonder these hospitable beds are making their way out of the facility and into the home. Hospital beds tend to be on wheels and can be transferred from room to room when needed. Their portability and ease of use are two of the main reasons why patients prefer them over their normal bed. Continue Reading

  • Karman

    Karman Healthcare

    The Advantages of Transport Wheelchairs and How You Can Purchase One

    Transport wheelchairs are practical mobility products for errands, trips to the doctor or even for a walk down the street. Hospitals tend to use these flexible mobility chairs to move patients to and from places. You can easily identify what a transport wheelchair looks like by simply looking at the rear wheels. They are essentially smaller than the standard manual wheelchairs and are similar in size in the front. Without the large rear wheels, the user is forced to rely on a caregiver to push the chair, which is why these are commonly referred to as companion wheelchairs. This article will break down all of the advantages that these chairs provide to both the caregiver and the patient. Continue Reading

  • Permobil


    Wheelchair Safety Tips and Maintenance Guidelines

    The operation of a power wheelchair requires the user to be familiar with the functionalities and modalities that the unit capable of. This being said, if you are receiving a power wheelchair for the first time, itís important that you become familiar with it as to avoid any injury or unnecessary damages. Here are some safety and maintenance tips that will ensure the safety of the wheelchair user.

    Routine Maintenance

    Performing routine maintenance on your wheelchair is a crucial aspect that must be prioritized. By keeping the wheelchair in good repair, youíll be able to prevent any breakdowns and potential injuries that could come out of a neglected unit. This includes cleaning the chair whenever necessary, oiling the wheels, checking the power supply, and remaining vigilant on any damages that it might have. Continue Reading

  • Pride Mobility

    Pride Mobility

    The Right Mobility Scooter Can Help Improve Oneís Lifestyle

    If you haven't spent time with mobility scooters, you may not be familiar with how they function. When it comes to the elderly, they rely on your knowledge to teach them how to appropriately manage the vehicle. There are several pros and cons to each style of scooter. So, in order to find the right model that will fit the individual that you are looking after, you will need to understand all of the features that mobility scooters have to offer.

    Features and Advantages

    One of the more underrated factors that scooter owners tend to overlook is how much they weigh and how they can be transported. Most mobility scooters have the option to fold up or breakdown - like Pride Mobility scooters, which include advanced features such as easy storage and other capabilities. When they are broken down, they are disassembled into multiple parts- with the heaviest pieces weighing on average around 35 lbs. These pieces, when carried altogether, can add up to a substantial amount of weight. This is why it is necessary to prepare in advance someone that can assist the individual with lifting this heavy load. Continue Reading

  • ResMed


    An In-Depth Look Into the Dangers of Sleep Apnea

    Respiratory-related issues in elderly individuals should not be taken lightly. That being said, itís vital that you, as the caretaker, promptly purchase the right type of equipment that they need to maintain a healthy lifestyle. This includes oxygen cylinders, nasal cannulas, CPAP machines, and more.

    Note that only a physician can prescribe a patient respiratory aid. Being that the lungs are one of the most sensitive organs in the body, ensure that you follow the prescription accurately, or you face the risk of putting the patient in danger. ResMed devices are respiratory therapy products that help treat distress symptoms such as obstructive and central sleep apnea. Continue Reading

  • Respironics

    Philips Respironics

    A Look Into Ventilation Through Non-Invasion

    Noninvasive positive pressure ventilation, or NPPV, assists ventilation through the delivery of positive expiratory and/or inspiratory pressure without the use of an endotracheal tube. Essentially, NPPV is the preferred method of oxygen delivery for multiple reasons. For one, it eliminates the need for intubation and its associated risks and dangers.

    Hazards of Invasive Ventilation

    The associated morbidity and mortality risks of invasive ventilation are a cause for concern with any patient. The delivery of oxygen directly into the lungs is a sensitive process that is used as a last resort when the patientís lungs are not able to appropriate enough oxygen. Some of the risks include airway trauma, disruption of swallowing and speech, ventilator-associated pneumonia, and extreme discomfort. Continue Reading

  • TiLite

    Ti Lite

    Mobility Devices Versus Wheelchairs: Which You Should Choose

    Depending on the need, patients require either a mobility aid or a wheelchair. Now, they may sound the same in terms of function, but they differ in a variety of ways. There are different categories for both, which you should understand to maximize the amount of mobile support offered to the user.

    Mobility Devices

    Mobility devices range anywhere from canes to walkers. They may require the assistance of a caretaker, but they are used when the individual can still stand on their feet and walk around. One should closely look into how difficult it is for the individual to move around. If they look to struggle just balancing themselves up, it would be wiser for them to utilize a wheelchair instead. This is for safety precautions as they might not be able to grip onto the aid due to tiredness and potentially fall over. But, mobility aids are a therapeutic way to build strength and even provide dynamic weight bearing. Continue Reading

  • Volker (A Hill-Rom Company)

    About Hill-Rom (Volker)

    Hill-Rom is a leading worldwide manufacturer and provider of medical technologies and related services for the health care industry, including patient support systems, safe mobility and handling solutions, non-invasive therapeutic products for a variety of acute and chronic medical conditions, medical equipment rentals, and information technology solutions. Hill-Rom's comprehensive product and service offerings are used by health care providers across the health care continuum and around the world in hospitals, extended care facilities and home care settings to enhance the safety and quality of patient care.

    Volker Beds (a Hill-Rom company) has become well-known for developing a new generation of healthcare beds and Hospital Beds for the benefit of occupants and patients, for the benefit of caregivers and service personnel.