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The Importance of Wheelchair Adjustment and the Beneficial Effects Behind It

If you are a caretaker thatís looking to make the appropriate adjustments for the proper wheelchair fit, then this article is for you. This is one of the most essential considerations that requires you to carefully examine the individualís specific needs in order to find the right wheelchair for him or her. Working hand-in-hand with clinician, you will carefully examine the chair and make the appropriate adjustments to ensure the userís safety. This is important for both the health of the user and the ease of use for the caretaker.

Approaching Wheelchair Components

The wheelchair components should be adjusted based on the user in order to obtain the optimum biomechanical advantage that is necessary necessary for efficient propulsion. This also means that the muscles should be in the resting length in the starting position. Therefore, itís important that proper measurements of his or her body size and mass should be carefully calculated. Also, your speak with a clinician in regards to the model of the wheelchair. If the patient can still propel themselves, they should use a manual wheelchair in order to build up muscle strength - which is important as their bones begin deteriorating due to old age.


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Concerns Over Seat Cushions

Be cautious of the seat cushion. An individual that sits on an uncomfortable cushion for too long may develop rashes or cuts on their bottom that can be extremely uncomfortable for him or her. Itís also important that the seat cushion be filled as a unit, rather than as separate units, to ensure that wheelchair is neither too high, too low, or too wide. For example, a wheelchair that has not been measured can cause poor posture because of the insufficient support. It can also frequently push a person to one side due to a lack of comfort, adversely affecting their lower back and spine. Golden Technologies is a wheelchair manufacturer that provides carefully handmade wheelchairs. They are a leading brand that many caretakers refer to today.

If you are caring for a wheelchair-bound user itís crucial to determine what type of wheelchair fits their preferences. Golden Power wheelchairs are appropriate for users that are frail and weak, while manual wheelchairs still provide them with a means of moving themselves around with the strength of their arms.

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