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A Guide to Respiratory Therapy Patient Care

As you may already know, it’s mandated for a physician to prescribe respiratory therapy. The prescription includes the flow rate as well as the amount of time that the individual needs to use oxygen. There are patients that require oxygen at a continuous rate while others only need it for a specific amount of time – like during exercise or sleep.

Oxygen Therapy Methods

There are three essential methods of providing oxygen therapy to someone: compressed gas, liquid oxygen, and oxygen concentration. Compressed gas allows oxygen to be delivered to a home inside a cylinder. There are small portable cylinders that are available for out-of-home usage, since the larger tanks are more bulky and less convenient for travelling purposes. Medical equipment rental companies are a cost effective option for home health care. An oxygen concentrator is designed to separate oxygen from the air, concentrate it, and store it. It’s a less expensive option when compared to liquid oxygen, but cut off from power will stop the flow of oxygen. Backup cylinders should always be kept on hand in case of an emergency. Continue Reading

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When a patient is in a wheelchair, the need for oxygen becomes critical. You should always focus on keeping the equipment and tanks clean and stored in an easily accessible place. Safety procedures and infection control should always be carefully followed. After you purchase medical supplies for the person, it’s important that you become familiar with every piece as you’ll need to keep them in working order.

Also, be sure that you keep medical equipment repair companies phone numbers on hand in the case of a faulty product or a break occurs. This will keep a healthy cycle of swapping out equipment pieces in an orderly fashion.

In Conclusion

In today’s technologically advanced society, caretakers have a variety of choices when it comes to medical products. By keeping a watchful eye, you’ll ensure that your patient is safe, healthy, and comfortable at home.

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