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The Right Mobility Scooter Can Help Improve One’s Lifestyle

If you haven't spent time with mobility scooters, you may not be familiar with how they function. When it comes to the elderly, they rely on your knowledge to teach them how to appropriately manage the vehicle. There are several pros and cons to each style of scooter. So, in order to find the right model that will fit the individual that you are looking after, you will need to understand all of the features that mobility scooters have to offer.

Features and Advantages

One of the more underrated factors that scooter owners tend to overlook is how much they weigh and how they can be transported. Most mobility scooters have the option to fold up or breakdown - like Pride Mobility scooters, which include advanced features such as easy storage and other capabilities. When they are broken down, they are disassembled into multiple parts- with the heaviest pieces weighing on average around 35 lbs. These pieces, when carried altogether, can add up to a substantial amount of weight. This is why it is necessary to prepare in advance someone that can assist the individual with lifting this heavy load. Continue Reading

Next, you will want to find out more about where and how often the individual will be using the scooter. Will the individual be using the scooter full time? Will the individual be using the scooter indoors or outdoors? You can then decide whether a 3 wheel or 4 wheel scooter fits the needs of the individual. One of the major differences between 3 wheel and 4 wheel scooters is the turning radius of the wheels. The turning radius in wheels can vary up from up to 10 inches. This is important when shopping for a scooter because you want to keep in mind if the individual will be using the scooter in a confined or open space. Lastly, wheels will also vary in size. Larger wheels can go on the grass and are great for outdoors but may be more difficult to use indoors depending on the individuals’s floor plan.

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