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Prioritizing Medical Supplies Can Help Balance Your Caretaking Efforts

As a caretaker, it’s vital that you address the basic needs of the elderly before you begin thinking about their long term issues. For example, you can set up a CPAP machine for the individual, but it’s not going to help the fact that you still need adult diapers, catheters, or diabetes test strips – which are just as important as a respiratory aid device. Start obtaining the most basic essentials first, then move up to the more advanced medical equipment services. This way, you can stockpile for every situation.

There are two main types of medical products that you can purchase: durable medical equipment and disposable medical supplies. Both types are used at home to help care for the medical needs of the elderly, disabled, or ill persons. Here are some notable differences between the two that will help you categorize them in regards to priority. Continue Reading

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Durable and Disposable Medical Equipment

Essentially, as the name suggests, durable medical equipment is designed for long term use. This category includes numerous equipment pieces that include: mobility aids, personal care aids, prosthesis, oxygen concentrators, and other items. Many of these items do not require you to purchase them. Rather, you can obtain them through one of the many medical equipment rental companies that supply them.

Disposable medical supplies, on the other hand, are typically used once, and are then thrown away after. Some of these products include, diabetes test strips, adult diapers, bandages, protective gloves, and more.

As a caregiver, you may be already be familiar with a majority, if not all, of these products. While you often see elderly persons walking around with canes in the community, do you really notice what type of equipment they’re using? It’s only when you become a purchaser or consumer of these goods do you really start delving into the importance of these medical supplies. Become familiar with the different categories of medical equipment. Making a well-informed decision about these products is significantly important when the health of someone you love and are caring for is at stake.

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