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Refurbished Medical Supplies Can Save Both Money and Time

Refurbished medical equipment has always been an appealing option for healthcare facilities and hospitals over new equipment due to the low cost and prevailing functionalities. Facilities always need to weight their options when it comes to purchasing new equipment as budgets and priorities also come heavily into play. Here is a guide that will cover all the questions that you may have about refurbished equipment – and whether or not it is right for you.

What is Refurbished Equipment?

Before deciding on refurbished equipment, it is important that you understand what refurbished medical equipment actually is. Essentially, when a product is refurbished, it undergoes a process to restore it back to manufacturer’s standards, which includes: a complete inspection, replacement parts, cosmetic maintenance, and confirmation that the product is in working order. The medical equipment repairer that is in charge of handling these products certifies them under warranty that they will function in a similar fashion to when it was newly built. Continue Reading

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How Do You Know If It Was Properly Refurbished?

Ask your consultant about the company’s refurbishing policy. They should be able to supply you with all the information of what goes on beyond closed doors as well as back you with a warranty just in case something goes wrong. When you buy medical equipment online, you always face the risk of misplaced trust and scams, so it’s crucial that you verify their legitimacy. There are certain factors like the experience of the biomedical technicians as well as their background that are important for understanding what quality you are receiving. And, if you are a caretaker or a hospital director, it’s even more important that your products are in working order – lives depend on it.

Can You Rent Instead of Buy?

Yes, when you rent medical equipment, you’ll save a significant amount of money in the process and is also a viable option until you can look to afford to purchase. Be sure that you speak with your consultant on the quality and condition of the item that you are renting in order to maximize the safety and wellness of the patient.

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