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Sleep Therapy Machines

Sleep therapy machines, such as CPAP, biPAP, VPAP, and Bi-Level units, create positive airway pressure to ensure that people can breathe while they sleep. By wearing masks that direct air into their airways, people with sleep apnea can sleep through the night without snoring and wake up feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. Feel free to take a look at some of our sleep therapy products below.

CPAP Machines

  • Most common means to help with sleep therapy
  • Deliver a continuous flow of airway pressure to your throat
  • CPAP ensures that your airway stays open during the hours of sleep
  • Constantly provides oxygen, especially during spontaneous pauses in breath as experienced with sleep apnea.

BiPAP, VPAP, Bi-Level Machines

  • Delivers various levels of pressure when breathing in and out
  • Can help patients with specific conditions such as COPD.

CPAP Humidifiers

  • Adds moisture to the air
  • Keeps nasal passages from drying
  • Helps people sleep without waking feeling stuffy and congested
  • Moisturize your nostrils
  • Prevents sinus congestion and pressure

CPAP Full Face Masks

  • Cover the nose and mouth
  • Great for those who breathe through their mouths
  • Good for people with persistent sinus issues or who frequently get colds

CPAP Nasal Masks

  • Less invasive option
  • Only covers the nose rather than the nose and mouth
  • More comfortable fit and stop leaks for people who turn in their sleep.
  • Ideal for claustrophobic individuals

Getting a good night’s sleep can tremendously make a difference in your day. Having a sleeping disorder, such as Obstructive Sleep Apnea, can take away from the quality of your sleep by causing a blockage in your airway, causing you to snore, have frequent episodes of apnea, and frequently wake up. Sherman Oaks Medical Supplies carries a wide range of equipment & accessories for all of your Sleep Therapy related needs.

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