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How to Approach the Purchase Process of Medical Equipment and Supplies

With some minor exceptions, durable medical equipment and disposable medical supplies aren’t designed for individuals that are suffering from a disease or a specific condition. As a matter of fact, they’re made for people that have a functional limitation due to their condition. For instance, patients that have trouble walking from a preexisting condition require a walking aid or another type of fixture that will allow them to perform daily activities without the high risk of injury.

Assess the Situation

There are times where the need for this type of aid is immediately apparent, like when someone falls and fractures their hip. Other times, the need will appear gradually as the individual begins having more trouble performing daily tasks. As a caregiver, you must address these needs in advance and make a decision based on their condition. Older people may try to hide their need for personal care, so it is essentially up to you to make the right call. Otherwise, they face the risk of injuring themselves, therefore worsening their current state – and possibly be putting themselves in a position of being bedridden. Continue Reading

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Rentals & Repairs

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Medical Equipment Repairs

If you are already caring for an elderly or ill person, be sure that all of their equipment is in working condition. Respiratory and sleeping aids must be routinely checked for blockage and calibration issues. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Contact one of the many medical equipment repairers and have them look into each piece. Create a routine maintenance schedule to make it easier for you to keep up-to-date with all of the equipment pieces.

Medical Equipment Repairs

Also, you are not required to permanently commit to a purchase. There are many medical equipment rental companies that allow you to utilize their devices without having to pay a significantly high price for them. Seek out these businesses and proceed only after verifying their validity and fully trusting them. The last thing that you’ll want is to receive a refurbished equipment piece that doesn’t work. This will force you to return it and wait for a new one. Furthermore, it may cause you to lose trust in that company, making you start the process from the very beginning.

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