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Walking Aids

From basic Walking Canes to the most advanced 4-wheeled Rollators or Walkers, Sherman Oaks Medical Supplies has everything for all your Mobility needs. We are confident we can help you find the perfect product, whether it be Walking Canes, Crutches, Mobility Walkers, Rollators, Knee Walkers, Rehab Walking Aids, and more.

  • Walking Canes

    Walking Canes

    Increase Mobility with our wide selection of Walking Canes. Buy your Walking Cane with confidence: Standard Canes, Fashion Canes, Palm Grip Canes, Quad Canes, Folding Canes, Folding Seat Canes, Walking Sticks, Extra Tall Canes, Blind Canes, and Heavy Duty Canes. We carry all top Cane brands like Harvy Canes, Mountain Properties Adjustable Canes, and Sunrise Medical Guardian Quad Canes. Click here for our Cane buying Guide

  • Crutches


    Crutches, both underarm and forearm (the kind with the cuffs that encircle the lower portion of your arms) offer a great deal of support. Crutches are often used by people who have good coordination and upper-body strength.

  • Walkers & Rollators

    Walkers & Rollators

    In general, Walkers with wheels are easier to manage than Walkers you lift, unless you have thick carpet or walk on rough ground. However, wheeled Walkers may be difficult to stop if they don't have brakes. Wheeled Walkers are especially important if you have balance problems or a problem with falls. Walkers also enable you to place more weight on your arms rather than your legs, which can be helpful if you have weakness or joint pain. If you'll be doing any traveling, consider a Walker that folds.

    Rollators are basically Walkers with wheels on all four legs, with extra features built in for support and comfort. Rollators are perfect for people who cannot lift a non-wheeled Walker off the ground. Many Rollators have built-in seats, so you can take periodic rests.

  • Knee Walkers

    Knee Walkers

    Knee Walkers
    By using a Knee Walker, you can stay mobile while recovering from a leg injury or surgery without having to deal with the discomfort of traditional crutches.