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All bedside commodes are height adjustable but commodes with wheels may not be. Choose the commode you want by looking through description and specifications.

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MJM International 118-3 Shower Chair and Commode MJM International 118-3 Shower Chair and Commode

Availeable in Stock
MJM International 118-3 Shower Chair has 22" overall width and 20" seat height.

List Price: $395.00
Our Price: 275.00
You save $120.00!
Nova 8801 Deluxe Shower Chair and Commode Nova 8801 Deluxe Shower Chair and Commode

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Nova 8801 Deluxe Shower Commode Chair has 22.5" overall width and 19.5" seat height. Includes removable footrests.

List Price: $390.00
Our Price: 257.00
You save $133.00!
Commode Transport Chair Nova 8805 Drop-Arm Transport Chair Commode

Availeable in Stock
* Seat height - 19"
* Overall width - 22"
* Weight Capacity: 250 lbs

List Price: $390.00
Our Price: 174.00
You save $216.00!
Nova 8800 Deluxe Commode with Wheels/ Shower Chair Nova 8800 Deluxe Commode with Wheels/ Shower Chair

Availeable in Stock
Pail can be removed without lifting patient or raising seat.  Over 60% of falls occur at home with the majority in the bathroom. Use an elevated toilet seat on the commode and a tub grab bar to get in and out of the bathtub.

List Price: $210.00
Our Price: 157.00
You save $53.00!

Bariatric Commode Medline G30216B Bariatric Commode

In Store OnlyThe Bariatric Commode features an extra supportive base to hold up to 500 lb weight capacity. The frame is wider and reinforced to hold more weight.

List Price: $179.00
Our Price: 145.00
You save $34.00!
Nova 8901 W Padded Drop Arm Commode Gray Nova 8901 W Padded Drop Arm Commode Gray

Availeable in Stock
Push-button arm release allows for easy patient transfer

Our Price: 139.99
Padded Raised Toilet Seat Safety Frame Commode Eagle Health 34654 Padded Raised Toilet Seat/Safety Frame/Commode

With the splashguard installed, it becomes a raised toilet seat with a built-in safety frame. With the the bucket/splashguard removed, it becomes a height adjustable shower chair with comfortable padded seat. Padded seat resists moisture penetration.

List Price: $152.00
Our Price: 127.00
Carex Transfer Bench with Commode Carex A20555 Padded Tub Transfer Bench with Commode

Availeable in Stock
Weight Capacity: 300 lbs
Seat Size: 17" x 25"
Seat Height: 18.5" - 22.5"

List Price: $209.00
Our Price: 119.00
You save $90.00!
All-In-One Commode Invacare 9630 Invacare I·Class All-In-One Commode

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Invacare Commodes offer consumers the comfort and stability they need. The frame is lightweight and consumers gain additional comfort and support from the 16" wide seat.

Our Price: 65.00
Cleanis CareBag Vomit Bag Cleanis CareBag VOM Vomit Bag

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Vom improves and makes working conditions safer for nurses, emergency care staff

Our Price: 29.95
Cleanis CareBag Mens Urinal Cleanis CareBag Disposable Mens Urinal

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No more spills, no more soiled sheets! Owing its drawstring closure and anti-obsorbent pad, CareBag captures smells and turns any liquid into gel.

Our Price: 29.95
Commode Liner Cleanis Carebag Commode Liner with Super Absorbent Pad

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The Cleanis Carebagİ commode liner is made of a drawstring bag whose inside contains a unique super-absorbent pad which absorbs and turns bodily fluids into a gel within seconds.

Our Price: 29.95