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Wheelchair Cushions

Improve the convenience and functionality of your Manual Wheelchair with comfortable cushions. Click on Honeycomb Cushions, Foam Cushions, Gel Cushions, or Air Cushions options below to see products related to those categories.

Wheelchair Cushions

Honeycomb Wheelchair Cushions

  • Lightweight, Low Maintenence Wheelchair Cushion
  • Provides excellent pressure relief from prolonged sitting
  • Honeycomb pattern provides increased airflow and has shock absorbing properties

Foam Wheelchair Cushions

  • Lightweight and denser options available
  • Foam Cushions conform to the seated user, while providing sufficient comfort & support
  • Highly customizeable to fit user's needs

Gel Wheelchair Cushions

  • Minimizes heat, and provides a cool & comfortable seating surface
  • Evenly distributes pressure and reduces soreness for seated users
  • Shock absorbant

Air Wheelchair Cushions

  • Highly adjustable to ensure maximum comfort is achieved
  • Helps to avoid pains and discomfort associated with long periods of sitting
  • Ideal option for those at risk of developing pressure sores

Wheelchair Cushions Guide