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Wheelchair Cushions

Improve the convenience and functionality of your Manual Wheelchair with comfortable cushions. Click on Honeycomb Cushions, Foam Cushions, Gel Cushions, or Air Cushions options below to see products related to those categories.

Wheelchair Cushions
  • Honeycomb Cushions

    Honeycomb Cushions

    The Supracor Stimulite Honeycomb Cushions and support surfaces provide Total Pressure Management—pressure relief, reduced shearing and ventilation to control heat and moisture—in a uniquely modern design. Made from an advanced medical grade material that's antibacterial, antifungal and odor resistant, these lightweight, machine-washable cushions support surfaces and help promote clean, healthy skin.

    Wheelchair Cushions
  • Foam Cushions

    Foam Cushions

    Foam Cushions for Manual Wheelchairs are lightweight, inexpensive and compared to other Manual Wheelchair Cushions are low maintenance. Foam Cushions can also be custom cut to fit the need of the user. If you have a particularly sensitive area of skin, a piece of Foam may be cut out directly underneath in order to decrease the pressure on that area.

    Wheelchair Cushions
  • Gel Cushions

    Gel Cushions

    Gel Cushions are a type of Manual Wheelchair Cushions, which help to equalize pressure and reduce soreness in people who are at risk for pressure sores. This Manual Wheelchair Cushion provides posture support and prevents forward sliding in the Wheelchair.

    Wheelchair Cushions
  • Air Cushions

    Air Cushions

    Air Cushions, a type of Manual Wheelchair Cushions, are designed for users who require a Cushion for basic level skin protection, support and comfort. Interconnected air cells to distribute forces evenly across the Air Cushion allowing it to be used effectively for low risk skin protection.

    Wheelchair Cushions