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What is a Wheelchair?

A wheelchair is a manually operated device used for independent mobility for someone with a disability. The device is operated by the user's hands to grip and spin the wheels moving the user around. Wheelchairs help with short-term recovery or long-term care for mobility. Many types of wheelchairs vary depending on the needs of the user.

Sherman Oaks Medical carries a wide variety of manual wheelchairs. Chose from the most basic manual wheelchairs to the most advanced manual wheelchairs. We carry transport chairs, which are wheelchairs that must be pushed by someone other than the user; standard manual wheelchairs, which may be self-propelled & pushed by someone other than the user; ultralight manual wheelchairs, which are the lightest self-propelling manual wheelchairs; & everything else in between! Stop by our showroom in Los Angeles to check out the manufacturers we carry, including TiLite, Quickie, & Karman.

  • Transport Wheelchairs: Transport wheelchairs are lightweight, include smaller wheels than a standard wheelchair, and must be pushed by a second party, as the user can't push the wheelchair by themselves. Since the wheelchair is lighter and easy to fold, it is far more equipped for traveling around and lifting into a vehicle. Transport wheelchairs are ideal for day trips and not the best option for users looking to use the chair full-time.
  • Standard Wheelchairs: Standard wheelchairs are the most commonly used wheelchairs among users. The wheelchair can easily be folded, with adjustable arm and footrests. This type of wheelchair allows the user to push themselves and does not require a second party's assistance. The wheelchair includes two larger wheels in the back, with two smaller wheels in the front. Typically, the chair weighs about 35 lbs, making the task of putting the wheelchair in a vehicle much easier.
  • Lightweight Wheelchairs: Lightweight wheelchair is a form of a manual wheelchair, equipped with a lighter frame. The lightweight chair is an advantage to users who are looking for a chair that folds easily, as it allows them to perform day-to-day tasks, as well as travel around, with less trouble. Weighing roughly 33 pounds due to the titanium alloy and aluminum build, the wheelchair is best suited for users looking for easier travel.
  • Ultra Light Wheelchairs: Ultra light wheelchairs can easily be folded and stored away in a vehicle for traveling. The chairs are manual and do not require a second party to push the user. Ultra-light wheelchairs come in a variety, including Rigid Wheelchairs, Titanium Wheelchairs, and Folding Wheelchairs.
  • Heavy Duty/Bariatric Wheelchairs: Heavy Duty Wheelchairs are very sturdy and durable, carrying weight up to 700 lbs. The chairs are wide, allowing for more seating space. Unlike lighter models, the Heavy Duty Wheelchair is made of steel, making the chair strong enough to aid almost any user. With armrests, swing-away footrests, and an easy-to-fold feature, they are made to provide a comfortable and safe experience for a variety of users.
  • Pediatric Wheelchairs: Pediatric Wheelchairs are made for children, and created unique for each child. These wheelchairs can be of use to children that suffer from many different types of injuries, such as head injuries, spinal injuries, and amputations. The chairs require a second party to push the chair and do not allow the user to propel themselves up. The wheelchairs are more lightweight, allowing the user and the user's aid easier means of transportation. The age and abilities of the child are very important to take into consideration when deciding to purchase a Pediatric Wheelchair.
  • Reclining Back Wheelchairs: As the name suggests, a Reclining Back Wheelchair allows the user to tilt the back and footrests to an angle. The chair is best suited for those who cannot sit in an upright position and allows those who typically sleep in their wheelchair more comfort. The chair, however, is not as lightweight, which may not allow for travel to be as easy for the user. However, comfort is a major factor in Reclining Back Wheelchairs, providing the user with a better experience.
  • Tilt Wheelchairs: Tilt Wheelchairs are very similar to Reclining Back Wheelchairs, with the main distinction being that Tilt-in-Space Wheelchairs do not fully recline back. Depending on the model, the wheelchairs can tilt to a 30 or 60-degree angle, keeping hips and knees at a 90-degree angle. The chair greatly decreases the pain users endure from injuries, as the chair's elevation provides relief from pressure. The elevation will also aid users who feel fatigued, as well as provide relief from the effects of neck muscle weakness, all while ensuring comfort and safety.
  • Standing Manual Wheelchairs: Stand Up Wheelchairs provide users with complete mobility and independence, as it does not require a second party to push the chair. The user can stand upright while moving in the chair, or choose to sit. The models have a weight capacity of a little more than 200 lbs. The chairs ensure health benefits, as they provide users with better circulation, kidney and bladder functions, breathing, and muscle tone. With comfort and safety guaranteed, the chair gives users a greater feeling of independence and an increase in self-esteem.
  • Sports Wheelchairs: Sports Wheelchairs are made for disabled athletes who still wish to perform in their desired sport. They help most with sports that require speed, such as tennis or basketball. They are typically very durable but are composed of lightweight materials to make movement for the user much easier. They are usually not used as an everyday chair, but more as a secondary chair for sports.
  • Geri Chairs: Geri Chairs, or Geriatric Chairs, are reclining chairs that are padded, include small rolling wheels, and are best suited for elders who require little mobility. They aid those recovering from injuries or surgeries, users who reside in hospitals and are transported from different areas, or users who seek more comfort and stability while at home. More space is allowed with these chairs, making them very comfortable to lie on. However, due to their large and padded frame, they are heavier and not easy to transport in a vehicle. The chairs come with easy-to-fold footrests and a food tray, keeping the comfort of the user in mind.
  • Shower Wheelchairs: A Shower Wheelchair is designed for users who have trouble with mobility, and require a safe and easy way to get in and out of the shower. The wheelchair can also be used in times when users want to transfer onto another bench in the shower and need a safe method of doing so. The chair is waterproof and made to be durable for multiple uses. The chair is also lightweight, making it easier for the user to move the chair in any way they desire. The seat itself is also comfortable for when users sit to use the shower, making for an overall easier experience.
  • Wheelchair Accessories: Wheelchair accessories are made to create a convenient and easy experience for the user. Accessories may include cushions, bags, and cup holders.
  • Wheelchair Cushions: Wheelchair Cushions focus on providing the user with the ultimate comfort. The cushions are designed to fit manual and power wheelchairs and come in a variety such as honeycomb cushions, foam and memory foam, gel, and foam combinations, air cushions/air and form combinations, and specialty cushions.
  • Power Assist Add-Ons: Manual wheelchairs are perfect for users seeking independence, however, it can be frustrating and difficult to get up certain hills or travel around campuses. Power Assist Add-Ons provide the manual wheelchair with an extra push, and assist the user with any obstacles they may find difficulty facing alone. The device allows users to choose whether they want to drive the chair manually, or if they need extra assistance.

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