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What You Should Remember When Purchasing Medical Equipment and Supplies

It must be noted that many medical supplies and durable medical equipment that a patient uses in a facility may not always be the most effective and proper product for them. In fact, there are many cases where these products were used because they were readily available or are cost effective. If you, the caretaker, are caring for en elderly or functionally-impaired individual, you must duly note specific details in order to maximize the amount of wellness that you can provide for the person.

Factor In Individualistic Preferences and Standards

This being said, be sure that you tailor the specific product to the patient’s specific needs, body size, and preferences. Remember, each person is different and may require completely different products from another. Become familiar with them and their features in order to learn about the differences and similarities – which become vital aspects when it comes to making the purchase. Remember, medical equipment rentals are quite common for patients as they are less expensive, but still run efficiently. Continue Reading

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Be Wary of Delays

Although it may be a tiresome method, trial and error may be your best bet when it comes to finding the right product for the patient. Although a standard wheelchair or a hospital bed can be delivered in a day, there are situations that may arise in which the delivery of a customized equipment piece may be delayed for a weeks or even a month. It isn’t uncommon for the insurance company’s period of authorization to run out before the arrival of the equipment, therefore forcing the process to start from the beginning.

Other delays may come in the form of repairs. If you are waiting on medical equipment maintenance, the company may take their time on the product, which if customized, may pose a problem in the care for a patient. It’s always important to plan ahead.

Sherman Oaks Medical Supply is a trusted medical supplier that has been in the industry for over the decade. Sherman Oaks medical supplies are carefully inspected before being sent out to you. Their seasoned team has extensive experience in the healthcare industry and can help you find everything that you need to care for your loved one or patient.