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Lift Chairs Rentals

Medical Lift Chairs help provide comfort for the elderly, or anyone else who has trouble going from a seated to a standing position. They are designed with motorized systems that gradually lift the chair from a reclined or seated position into a position that makes it easy for a person to stand. They are designed to be comfortable and feel more like sitting in a great recliner rather than a piece of medical equipment.

If you are recovering from surgery or will have guests who need assistance getting out of chairs, you may want to consider renting a medical Lift Chair as a way to ease the burden. Sherman Oaks Medical Supplies has several different medical lift chairs for rent that can be picked up from our showroom or delivered anywhere in the Los Angeles area. We make it easy for you to find high quality lift chair rentals that are within your budget. Continue Reading

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3-Position Reclining Lift Chair Rental 3-Position Reclining Lift Chair Rental

For RentWeight Capacity:
375 lbs
Weight: about 100 lbs
Seat Width: 21" or 23"
Seat Depth: 21"
Seat Height: 28" or 30"

Monthly: $240.00
Weekly: $120.00
Zero Gravity Infinite Position Reclining Lift Chair Rental Zero Gravity Infinite Position Reclining Lift Chair Rental

For RentWeight Capacity:
300 lbs or 375 lbs
Weight: about 125 lbs
Seat Width: 20", 21" or 22"
Seat Depth: 19.5", 21", or 22"
Seat Height: 25", 27" or 28.5"

Monthly: $350.00
Weekly: $200.00

Our medical lift chair rentals feature recliners that can help you to relax in a variety of positions. You can go from a fully reclined state to being ready to stand up in a matter of moments. You can find a position that makes it easy for you to watch TV or take a nap. Some of our Lift Chairs even have a “zero gravity” position which is designed to increase circulation, back pain and muscle tension. Using a medical Lift Chair can help you to feel comfortable as well as avoid pain.

You can rest easy when renting one of our Lift Chair recliners. You’ll know that all of our rental units are thoroughly cleaned and maintained by our expert staff each time it is returned. When you rent from us, you’ll get a medical lift chair that is in like-new condition and as comfortable as possible. You’ll also get a great deal on your rental - you won’t find lower rates on medical lift chair rentals anywhere in the area. Contact us today or visit us at our showroom to schedule a rental of one of our top quality medical recliners and take the stress out of standing up.