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Alber USA - e-fix Basic Electric Drive for Manual Wheelchairs

e-fix Basic Electric Drive for Manual Wheelchairs
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Electric Drive for Manual Wheelchairs!
The perfect solution for children and adults!

e.fix combines safety and technology in this innovative lightweight power add-on system for manual wheelchairs. With e.fix installed, wheelchairs remain foldable and portable. Users can easily switch from power to manual operation with a quick turn of the wheel hubs. The ergonomic joystick controller indicates battery capacity on a back lit LCD panel. Components are quick release making e.fix an ideal travel partner.

e.fix and Scalamobil can be installed on the same wheelchair creating an electric stair-climbing wheelchair!

e-fix: How It Works

Electric Drive for Manual Wheelchairs!

A simple bracket connected to the power distribution unit is installed on the wheelchair frame.
The manual wheels are removed and the e.fix wheels are "plugged in". (Existing manual wheels may be interchangeable with the e.fix drive wheels.)
With a turn of the wheel hub, users can choose between manual and power operation.

Disengage the Drive Wheel…
Propel Manually…
  • The joystick controller is mounted to the wheelchair frame. This component is quick release for easy removal.
  • The nylon battery pack is attached using Velcro straps.
  • The power distribution unit plugs into the face of the battery pack as it sits in the pouch. To fold the wheelchair, only the battery pack needs to be removed.


Installation kit:
  • Combination of mechanical attachment for drive wheels and distributor for power supply and control signals
  • Flexible attachment to most wheelchairs
Anit-tippers with swivelling and jack-up function:
  • Removed via quick-release fasteners
  • Height and length adjustable
  • With automatic swivelling function to overcome kerbs and thresholds
  • Jack-up function for easy removal of the drive wheels
  • Anti-tippers must be installed in pairs.
  • The original wheelchair anti-tippers may be used
Bracket for attendant control:
  • Mounted onto the wheelchair pushhandle tubes
  • Position can be adjusted individually
  • Control unit for the attendant is simply inserted
  • Can be fitted on the left or right-hand side
  • Available with extended handrest as shown in the illustration
Conversion from screw to stub axles:
Changing from 12 mm Ø to ½" stub axles
  • Conversion consisting of hubs, spokes, quick release axles, adapter, fittings
  • Available for normal standard hubs and drum brakes
  • Conversion of existing quick release wheels from 12 mm quick release axles to ½" so that e-fix and manual wheels fit onto the same wheel adapter
Protection bow for control unit:
  • Protects hands in case of collisions
  • Robust construction to protect the joystick
  • Can be retrofitted
Extended hand rest:
  • Optimum support for the hand
  • Neoprene cushion for more comfort
  • Can be retrofitted
  • Installation and removal without tools
Tray table:
  • For wheelchair with armrests
  • Minimum height above the e-fix wheel 6 cm
  • The controller is inserted into the tray table either in the middle or in any desired position.
Joystick options:
  • Ergonomically shaped T-handle for tetraplegic
  • Foam rubber ball 70 mm diameter with large hand support area
  • Larger joystick ball, plastic, diameters 40 and 50 mm
Spare battery, 12 Ah:
  • Battery pack, 24 V, 12 Ah as spare battery
  • For long journeys
  • Also useful for the workplace
  • Integrated carry handle

Increased capacity battery pack, 22 Ah:
  • Standard for the 160 kg drive wheel option
  • For heavier wheelchair occupants
  • Range up to 30 km (depending on ground surface, weight of person, temperature, wheelchair setting and type of terrain being crossed)
  • Easy to remove, 13 kg
  • Cannot be used with all wheelchair types
  • Minimum clearance between cross-race and front edge of the seat sling: 20 cm

e-fix for stand-up or lifting chairs speed stop/speed limit switch
  • Reduces the speed or prevents travel operation when the switch ist activated
  • Integrated safety switch
  • Opti-Box is required for the connection

Intuitive attendant control:
  • Simple and ergonomic operation by the attandant
  • Very robust construction, the angle can be adjusted
  • Also suitable for use on uneven terrain
  • Opti-Box is required for the connection

Battery box:
  • To install the battery pack flat if there is restricted ground claerance, for example, for comfort wheelchairs or stand-up wheelchairs
  • Solid aluminium construction

For the easy connection of:
  • Special controls
  • Speed stop/speed limit switches
  • Remote power switch
  • Remote power supply
  • Intuitive attandant control

Spoke covers:
  • 24" spoke cover, transparent, "Squares" décor
  • 22" spoke cover, transparent, "Squares" décor
  • 22" spoke cover for pediatric wheelchairs with "Bear" décor

e.fix Basic vs. e.fix Plus

Model Basic Plus
Drive Wheels
  • only available in 12 ½" and 24" sizes
  • top speed 4 mph
  • motor 2 x 110 Watt > weight capacity 260 lbs
  • Wheels are not compatible/interchangeable between models
  • available in 12 ½" and 24" sizes as "Heavy Duty" model and 22" as "Pediatric" model
  • top speed 4 mph
  • Heavy Duty 2 x 150 Watt > weight capacity 350 lbs
  • Wheels are not compatible/interchangeable between models
Battery Pack
  • > standard 12v - 12 Ah battery pack provides ±10 miles per charge
  • > standard 12v - 12 Ah battery pack provides ±10 miles per charge
  • can be upgraded to a 12v - 17 Ah battery pack > ±15 miles per charge
Battery Charger
  • standard > 3 Ah rapid charger charges batteries in 4 hours or less
  • Remote Charging Socket available (Opti-Box Required) for Plus only
  • standard > 3 Ah rapid charger charges batteries in 4 hours or less
  • Remote Charging Socket available (Opti-Box Required) for Plus only
Control Unit
  • > Not compatible with switch systems such as ASL head controls
  • standard with 9 Programmable Parameters > Programmable without external programming devices
  • > hand rest is standard
  • > Opti-Box for external devices is available such as ASL Head Controls (TBA)
  • > A separate Attendent Controller is available (Opti-Box Required)
  • standard with 9 Programmable Parameters > Programmable without external programming devices
  • Total weight 58 pounds with a 12 Ah battery pack
  • with Pediatric wheels and standard options 58 pounds
  • with Heavy Duty wheels and standard options 71 pounds.

e-fix: Basic/Plus Joystick Features

Electric Drive for Manual Wheelchairs!

  • Speed Adjustment Dial
  • LCD Display with Battery Indicator and Failure Diagnostic
  • Horn Button
  • Indoor/Outdoor Mode
  • Snap-On Hand Rest
  • Key Activated Direct Programming - Each parameter can be individually programmed for Indoor and Outdoor modes.

Programmable Parameters:
  • Indoor/Outdoor Modes
  • Forward/Reverse Speeds
  • Acceleration
  • Turning Speed
  • Sensitivity (Tremor Dampening)
  • Acoustic Signal Feedback (On/Off)
  • Auto Shut Down Delay (1 - 5 Hours)
  • Parking Brake Delay
  • Joystick Throw
  • Battery Size (For Optimum Performance)

e-fix: Frequently Asked Questions

Electric Drive for Manual Wheelchairs!
The perfect solution for children and adults!

Can I use e-fix on my wheelchair?
The e-fix can be used with most models of wheelchairs. Bracket to attach the drive wheels are fastened onto the frame of the wheelchair. The manual wheel for your wheelchair can normally still be used.

How fast does the e-fix travel?
You can continuously vary the maximum speed of the e-fix between 1 and 4 mph. Thus you can find your optium travelling speed. In addition, further driving settings offer you individual driving convenience, depending on your personal needs and circumstances.

How many versions of e-fix are there?
The e-fix has been designed for a permitted maximum total weight of 170 kg / 374 lb. The optionally available reinforced wheels with a higher rating can be used to a permittel maxium total weight of 210 kg / 462 lb. The standard version of the e-fix has wheels of size 22" or 24". The version for people weighing up to 160 kg has wheels available in sizes 12" ans 24".

Is the e-fix only intended for "self-drivers"?
No! The holder that is available as an accessory allows the control unit to be installed in the push handles of the wheelchair. The e-fix thus makes it easier for the attandant to push the chair. The intuitive attandant control (accessory) makes operation by another person really easy.

How far can I travel with one charge of the battery?
Depending on the weight of the person, the sort of terrain, the temperature, the wheelchair settings and the surface of ground, one charge of the battery is good for up to 10 miles. You can increase the range up to 18 miles with the optionally available bigger battery pack.

How steep a ramp or gradiant can the e-fix cope with?
The e-fix can manage gradiants and slopes of up to 20%, depending on the wheelchair settings, the weight of the occupant and the ground. It is essential to follow the instructions of the wheelchair manufacturer in this case.

Can the e-fix also be taken into a car?
Yes! The modular structure makes it possible. All the e-fix components can be easily removed from the wheelchair without needing any tools, and hence save space when loaded into the back of any car. Your wheelchair can still be folded up.

How much does the e-fix weigh?
- Drive wheels: 17 lbs/each
- Battery pack: 20 lbs
- Control unit: 1 lbs
- Interface: 2 lbs
- Total weight: 57 lbs

What accessories are available for the e-fix?
Anti-tippers with a swivelling and jack-up function to make it easy to remove the drive wheels, swivelling arm to allow you to get closer up to tables, various types of attendant controls to optionally allow the e-fix to be used as an pushing aid, and much more.

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