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TiLite Aero Z

TiLite Aero Z
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The Tru-Fit System opens up the world of adjustability by incorporating an infinite adjustment mechanism. The Tru-Fit system allows you to fine tune the fit of your chair because you are not limited to a series of pre-set holes. Also, instead of bolting through frame-weakening holes, components clamp directly onto the frame. This eliminates one of the main stress points on today's wheelchairs by reducing the number of holes in the frame.

Adjustable Camber Mount incorporates TiLite's Tru-Fit system with up to 3.5" of rear seat height adjustment.

Patented SpeedLoader Adjustable Front Caster Housing quickly and accurately adjusts fork angle in 1° increments.

Zero Play Camber Plugs give a much tighter feel to the chair like sport suspension in a car. CNC machined from billet aluminum to the highest tolerances, they remove any side to side movement from the rear wheels.

TiShaft Back Release Bar makes folding and unfolding the backrest easy from any angle.


Titanium Frame Upgrade to get the benefits of titanium frames: Lighter weight, higher strength, and less vibration.

Curved Backrest Tube enhances the clean look.

Patented SlipStream Single-Sided Fork with integrated bumper combines elegance and practicality.

Performance 5-Spoke Soft Roll Wheel weighs just 1.6 ounces.

TiLite chairs feature Tattooed Finishes. These are not stickers. These are real tattoos permanently imprinted onto the finish of your new titanium or aluminum TiLite chair frame!


TiLite chairs feature tattooed finishes. These are not stickers. These are real tattoos permanently imprinted onto the finish of your new titanium or aluminum TiLite chair frame! Available only on TiLite chairs, choose the tattoo that reflects your personality: The King of Rock, Aloha, Snow Leopard, and Wood Grain.

Choose your color using our Color Options Brochure!


Optimize Your Ride

To optimize your riding experience, TiLite designs and builds the best frames out of the best materials. TiLite also offers TiFit, which insures that your chair is made to measure to your specific characteristics. Yet, while these are the most fundamental elements in optimizing your riding experience, if you stop there you will miss out on another key aspect of optimizing your ride: The components!

Think of it this way: If you purchased a great car, would you put cheap tires on it? Would you get all that performance and quality and then compromise it with low-end components? You wouldn't. And we won't either. TiLite uses only premium components, TiPro Components, on every chair we make. And then we go one step further: We offer you more options to further optimize your chair and to meaningfully enhance your riding experience.

Rear Wheels

Rear wheels vary in their spoke characteristics, lateral stiffness, and weight. All of these factors directly impact the riding experience. The more efficiently that energy is transferred from your push to the motion of the chair, the easier it is to propel and maneuver. Wheels that are lightweight and laterally stiff help to optimize your energy transfer, especially when cornering.

Out-Front Twin-Star Exchange - 24"(540) & 25"(559)
Spoke technology utilizes thermoplastic fibers and a double-spoke design for maximum strength. Twin-Star Exchange everyday wheels are laterally stiff.
Topolino Carbon Core - 24"(540) & 25"(559)
Utilizes technology from high performance bicycle wheels creating an ultra lightweight, durable wheel.
Spinergy LX - 22"(501), 24"(540), 25"(559) & 26"(590)
Ultra lightweight, durable, and attractive design with low spoke count that affords good under-chair hand access.
Spinergy SPOX - 22"(501), 24"(540), 25"(559) & 26"(590)
Ultra lightweight, durable, and attractive design built to be reliable and comfortable for all everyday needs.
Spinergy Flexrim - 22"(501), 24"(540), 25"(559) & 26"(590)
A full wheel and handrim assembly. High friction rubber used to attach the push rim to the wheel acts as a cushion as you push.


Handrims are the primary interface between you and your chair. Because chair users push on the handrim an average of 2,000-3,000 times a day, handrim ergonomics and coating characteristics dramatically influence the riding experience and the ease of propulsion and braking. Research confirms this: Better handrim ergonomics improve your comfort and efficiency.

Out-Front Natural-Fit
The combination of a contoured thumb piece and an oval component creates a superior ergonomic grip. Size and coating options allow for better customization.
Out-Front Surge
An all-in-one handrim with a high-friction strip that goes all the way around the top of the oval for extra grippiness while leaving the side surface smooth for braking.
Out-Front Q-Grip
A fully-coated handrim with a unique neoprene coating for superior durability. The Q-Grip will not easily peel and tear like other coated handrims.
TiLite Titanium Handrim
TiLite has taken its standard aluminum handrim and upgraded it to seamless, aerospace-grade titanium to give you the strength and weight benefits of titanium in your handrim.

Rear Tires

Tires affect rolling resistance. To model this, press one fingernail down on your desk and pull your finger towards you. Now repeat with your palm pressed down on the desk. The motion is harder with your palm because a softer, wider surface creates more resistance. The same holds true for tires. A narrow, high-pressure tire will perform best. Although heavier, solid tires are maintenance free.

Schwalbe® Ultremo ZX - 24"(540) & 25"(559)
Minimal rolling resistance, great puncture resistance and high mileage due to new compounds and patented protection belt.
Schwalbe® Marathon Plus Evo - 24"(540), 25"(559) & 26"(590)
"Flatless" tire technology combines the comfort and performance of a pneumatic tire with puncture free convenience.
Kenda® High Pressure - 24"(540), 25"(559) & 26"(590)
Provides good acceleration and low rolling resistance with puncture protection to keep you rolling longer.
Kik Herringbone Tread Solid Tire - 24"(540) & 25"(559)
Constructed from a highly resilient compound in order to decrease both rolling resistance and weight while improving longevity. No maintenance solid tire.
Treaded Solid Tire - 24"(540) & 25"(559)
Similar to the Kik Herringbone Tread, but with larger grooves to allow for better traction on soft or wet surfaces. No maintenance solid tire.
Black/Grey Knobby - Grey 24"(540) & Black 25"(559)
Mountain bike style tire ideal for maintaining good traction on soft or wet surfaces. If you want to go off-road, this is your tire.

Wheel Locks

Wheel locks are critical for locking your chair in place when engaging in transfers or for remaining stationary in sloped environments. Wheel locks vary in their materials, weight, and functionality. Advanced composite materials that minimize weight are important as is functionality such as easy engagement and disengagement and stability when locked in place.

O-F Scissor Lock
Takes advantage of the most advanced materials technology to minimize weight and maximize function. Made of fiber reinforced composites.
O-F Push Lock or O-F Pull Lock
Like the O-F Scissor Lock, these locks are made of fiber reinforced composites to minimize weight and maximize function.
O-F Extension Handles
An extension handle to make the O-F Push or O-F Pull Locks easier to engage and disengage.
Aluminum Uni-Lock All-In-One Push or Pull
A unique wheel lock mechanism that can set to be engaged by being pushed or pulled.

Front Wheels

Casters/front wheels meet the ground first as your chair moves forward. Like tires, the front wheels affect the rolling resistance of the chair. The size of the front wheels also affects maneuverability with a tradeoff: The smaller the wheels, the more quickly they will turn, whereas the larger the wheels, the better they will roll over large bumps.

LiteSpeed Billet Aluminum Wheel w/ Soft Roll Tire*
3"x1.5", 4"x1.5", 5"x1.5" & 6"x1.5
The durable aluminum hubs of these casters are precisely made giving the wheel a clean roll. Soft roll tires further smooth the ride.
LiteSpeed Billet Aluminum Wheel w/ Poly Tire*
4"x.75", 5"x.75" & 6"x1
The durable aluminum hubs of these casters are precisely made giving the wheel a clean roll.
LiteSpeed Plastic Wheel w/ Soft Roll Tire*
4"x1.5", 5"x1.5" & 6"x1.5
Soft roll tires enhance the smoothness of the ride over traditional poly tires.
Light-Up Micro-Caster
3"x.75" & 4"x.75
Add some flare to your ride with these casters that illuminate in red, green, and blue as you roll!

*Available with a silver or black hub.

Caster Forks

Caster forks house the front wheels of the wheelchair. Caster forks vary in their material, design, and structure (single-sided or double-sided), and whether or not the forks offer suspension. And, all of these characteristics in turn affect the maneuverability of your chair and the smoothness of your ride.

TiLite Slipstream Single-Sided Fork
The Slipstream provides a narrower profile for better maneuverability, features an integrated rubber bumper, and accumulates less dirt and debris as the chair rolls forward.
Out-Front Glide Suspension Forks
The Glide uses a patented suspension element that reduces vibration coming from sources in both horizontal and vertical directions.
Out-Front Glide Single-Sided Suspension Forks
The Glide Single-Sided Suspension Fork offers the advantages of the SlipStream design along with the patented Glide suspension.

Titanium & Aluminum

TiLite makes the best chairs in titanium and in aluminum so that you can choose what's right for you. To help you make that choice, we provide an overview of both materials:

Titanium (Ti)

Titanium's strength, durability, and vibration-dampening characteristics make it an ideal material for premium wheelchair frames. TiLite uses seamless, aerospace-grade titanium known as Ti 3-2.5 (an alloy of titanium with 3% aluminum and 2.5% vanadium). This type of titanium is commonly used for commercial and military airplanes. Titanium is a more costly material because it is difficult to refine and process. It also requires expertise and precision in welding and bending. TiLite is alone at the top as the Titanium Experts® and makes the only complete line of titanium wheelchairs in the world.

Titanium has the highest strength-to-weight ratio of any metal on Earth. This means that TiLite can use less titanium while still building a stronger frame. Using less material leads to a lighter frame and reduces the cost difference between titanium and other materials.

Smooth Ride
Titanium dampens vibration, decreasing the amount of vibration transmitted to the user. The result is a smoother ride that has significant benefits whenever and wherever you roll: Fewer and less noticeable bumps and jolts, reduced fatigue, and increased comfort.

Titanium's durability is unmatched. It does not rust or corrode in any atmospheric environment and its strength, toughness, and fatigue resistance means that the frame structure will take a pounding without failing. While other metals start to fatigue with repetitive use, titanium does not show signs of wear even after years of use.

Aluminum (Al)

Aluminum is a widely available, manufacturing-friendly material that has high strength and lightweight properties which make it a good fit for wheelchair frame production. TiLite uses a 6061-T6 aluminum alloy that combines aluminum with magnesium and silicon. This type of aluminum is commonly used in high pressure applications and in heavy duty structures requiring good corrosion resistance. Aluminum is also typically less costly, allowing for more flexible pricing. TiLite's aluminum chairs are distinguished by their superior rolling characteristics and the lightest aluminum frames in their class.

Although aluminum does not have the same strength-to-weight characteristics as titanium, it is a lightweight material that lends itself to frame design and construction. Because of its light weight and availability, aluminum is the most common material in chair frames.

Easy to Work With
Aluminum is a user-friendly material with which to work because it can be bent and welded into a variety of shapes to accommodate the demands of TiLite's TiFit made-to-measure frame building process. Aluminum frames also tend to have a stiffer, more rigid ride.

Cost Effective
6061-T6 aluminum is cost effective, providing both quality and affordability. We do not offer 7000 series aluminum because it adds cost without significant added value. Titanium is where the added value lies and that is why we offer it. For those that choose aluminum, TiLite offers the best quality and best value aluminum chairs anywhere in the world.


If You Prefer Titanium, Don't Let Someone Else Tell You That Aluminum is Good Enough.

  • Strength-to-Weight Ratio: Titanium has the highest strength-to-weight ratio of any metal (1-4). The difference between titanium and 7000 Series Aluminum is enormous (see charts below). With titanium, you get more bang for every buck of material. The result: A stronger, lighter frame.
  • The Titanium Ride: Titanium has unique dampening qualities so that less vibration is transmitted to the user. This difference is well-documented and for those that prefer this smoother ride, this difference is also unmistakable.
  • Durability: Titanium's unparalleled strength and fatigue resistance means better durability. Titanium does not rust or corrode and shows little sign of wear even after years of use.

The Value of Your Choice
If you prefer titanium's strength, ride, and durability, these unique qualities directly translate into value. This value pays for itself every day, day in and day out. Renowned researcher and professor, Dr. Rory Cooper, recognized this when he listed the "expanded use of titanium" in his "Top 10 Advances" in manual wheelchairs over the past decade. If you prefer titanium, don't settle for less.

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Designs Unlimited

Each TiLite TiFit wheelchair is designed using state of the art C.A.D. software to check for compatibility, fit and function. TiFit wheelchairs are designed the way wheelchairs should have been designed in the first place - like prosthetics. These wheelchairs are sculpted to each individual's body to meet each individual's needs. Yet, we still go beyond...

There are many instances in which wheelchair users have unique needs that require specific modifications to their chair. This is where TiLite's Designs Unlimited division rolls in. Designs Unlimited is the area within TiLite's design and engineering studio where our experts take your unique needs from concept to completion.

TiLite Designs Unlimited Catalog

Angela talks about why the fit of her Aero Z is so important to her mobility.

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