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Continuous Wheelchair Maintenance is Vital to the Safety of the User

Manual wheelchair maintenance is an integral part of proper wheelchair care. Due to the fact that they go through endless amounts of wear and tear throughout their lifetime, it’s important that one takes the wheelchair in for service or maintenance after a prolonged period of time or when noticeable damages occur. Here are some tips on what you should look out for on your wheelchair.

Safety Hazard

Whilst your wheelchair may seem like an impenetrable fortress, it is also considered a vehicle. And, vehicles require maintenance and proper care in order for it to continue functioning properly. Without this, sequential damage can cause the wheelchair to break apart at any moment, putting the user at risk of falls and other risks. Be on the lookout for any loose bolts, screws, and other areas that may require a close eye on. One loose screw can cause the back wheels to come off and may propel you to the ground at a high speed.Continue Reading

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Wheelchair Maintenance

While you may want to maintain and repair the wheelchair yourself, there are some fixtures that require the effort of a trained eye. Wheelchair repair specialists can help analyze and configure any parts that require it. When you buy a power wheelchair, you are already aware that it is fitted with a sensitive battery pack attached to it. Because of this, you must be sure that it is always charged and that the battery still remains at a high condition. If you are unsure about how you can go about this, browse the Internet for a wheelchair repair service. It’s important that you choose an established one that has years of experience serving the public. This way, you can go about looking around for customer reviews to see whether or not they were satisfied with their previous experiences.

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