Hill-Rom AccuMax Quantum VPC Mattress

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Clinically proven to help prevent and treat pressure ulcers

Weight Weight Capacity Dimentions
28-33 lbs 500 lbs 36"x80"

Hill-Rom AccuMax Quantum VPC Mattress

For an affordable therapeutic solution for patients that are risk of skin breakdown, the Hill Rom AccuMax Mattress is the perfect choice as it incorporates AccuMax’s patented Controlled Release valve technology to provide dynamic pressure redistribution to prevent and aid skin breakdown without the need for a power source, a pump, or a blower. The engineers at AccuMax dug deep into the aspects of skin breakdown and incorporated the latest technology into their mattress to help prevent these lingering problems from occurring.

Hill Rom AccuMax Quantum Mattress

Hill-Rom AccuMax Quantum VPC Mattress Features:

  • Controlled Release™ valve technology automatically adjusts during patient movement to deliver consistent pressure redistribution therapy.
  • Patented Heel Pillow™ is designed to reduce interface pressure in the sensitive heel area.
  • A viscoelastic foam topper is designed to increase patient comfort and envelopment for lower interface pressure.
  • Optional control unit provides powered Alternating Pressure (AP) for additional therapy.

Hill Rom AccuMax Mattress combines multiple technologies to provide targeted and customized pressure redistribution for optimal patient support.




Non-powered customized therapy

Controlled Released™ technology enablesautomatic response to patient movement,creating custom pressure relief. As pressurechanges, intake/output valves release displacedair to achieve a therapeutic low pressure balance.


Lower interface pressures

Viscoelastic foam contours topatient’s unique body shape,increasing envelopment, helping tolower interface pressures and reducethe risk of pressure ulcers.


Powered Alternating Pressure Therapy

When connected to thecontrol unit, the Accumaxwith AirPort providesalternating pressure, whichcan help improve pressureredistribution and reducePU incidence.


Optional airport

Optional airport for connection to control unit
(flat deck model only)


Targeted pressure redistribution

Six targeted pressure redistribution zones provideprotection for most vulnerable areas, including thehead, sacrum, and heel.


AccuMax Quantum™ surfaces helpeddecrease facility-acquired pressure ulcers by 61.5% over an eight month time period in astudy at St. Joseph Medical Center, Joliet, IL.1


After implementation of a support surface likeAccuMax Quantum™ surface, facility-acquiredpressure ulcer rates decreased to an average of2.7% (including stage 1) and 2.07%(excluding stage 1).2

Hill Rom AccuMax Mattress technology helps to provide low interfacepressure readings for a wide range of patient weights3

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  2. Gillman, Dawn, RN, BSN, CWOCN. Impact of Mattress Replacement on Hospital-Acquired Pressure Ulcers. JWOCN, 36, 3S.
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How Pressure Relief Mattresses Are Benefitting Bariatric Patients

Being mindful of wounds must always be a priority for any suppliers that are offering mattresses to bed-bound patients, or patients that spend a significant time in bed. Now, this isn’t to say that the mattress is a therapeutic option by itself, as nurses and caregivers need to use the mattress in conjunction with proper positioning techniques to maximize one’s wellness.

The number of bariatric patients is rapidly expanding.

Studies have shown that when it comes to the development of wounds and pressure sores, bariatric patients are at a higher risk due to their size and lack of mobility. Naturally, there is a greater skin to weight ratio in bariatric patients which is exacerbated by their inability to move around and turn every two hours or so.

A significant amount of weight puts added strain on the heart and the lungs, making them work harder to circulate oxygen and the necessary supplements throughout the body. The absence of oxygen and blood can bring about interminable skin and wound issues. Furthermore, blood supply to fatty tissue may not be satisfactory in regards to provide suitable oxygen. Overweight patients are also prone to sweating more frequently. This dampness also plays a role in breaking down the skin and creating rashes that ultimately end up as a sore.

Most importantly…

These pressure sores and wounds can get infected if they are left untreated. While the goal may be to minimize the amount of sores on a patient, if they do obtain one, it’s important that it gets treated immediately as it can lead to a more serious condition.


bariatric patients are the subject for innovative advances and treatments. In any case, suppliers must stay up-to-date on these issues and understand how these advancements are working its way into the industry in order to provide bariatric wound patients the most ideal standard of care and a chance to fight against these debilitating pressure wounds.

If you are searching for a pressure-relieving mattress…

Look no further than Hill Rom as their versatile Hill Rom Accumax VPC Mattress offers powered or non-powered alternating pressure therapy to alleviate pressure ulcer incidence and improve the overall pressure redistribution of the body.

Because bariatric patients are prone to developing these sores, it’s important that you address these needs through the proper pressure relief mattress. By combining the Hill Rom Accumax mattress with an effective repositioning schedule, the risk for pressure ulcers and bed wounds will dramatically decrease. Also, if patients have already been exposed to pressure ulcers, it is necessary to switch the current mattress to a more effective pressure relief mattress in order to minimize the damage.

Pressure relief mattresses have air sacs that are intended to support the user on a cushion of air. Now, the pressure relief aspect comes into play when the supporting surface is deep enough to allow the user to sink into the surface. This also helps with reducing the build-up of heat and moisture, which allows the patient’s weight to evenly shift along the supporting surface. I can’t express how important it is to keep a watchful eye on a patent that has high dependency needs and may have a vulnerable skin condition. If there isn’t enough caution, then the patient could end up permanently damaging his or her body and could even succumb to the further damage.

Dimensions 80″ W x 36″ L x 7″ H
84″ W x 36″ L x 7″ H
Patient weight limit 500 lbs
Weight Approx. 28-38 lbs, depending on model
Flammability Cal 121,129, and 603, CPSC 16CFR1633, 16CFR16332
Control Unit 8.9″ W x 11.8″ L x 4.10″ H
Control Unit Weight 7.5 lbs

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