Permobil Koala Mini-Flex Pediatric Power Wheelchair


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Permobil (Model: permobil-koala)
What's Included
Free Batteries
Free Charger
2 Year Limited Warranty
Koala Mini-Flex Power Chair Owners Manual.pdf
Koala Mini-Flex Power Chair Product Brochure.pdf
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Key Specs
Weight 190 lbs.
Weight Capacity 110 lbs.
Turning Radius 22"
Top Speed 4.5 mph
Drive Range 16 miles
Warranty 2 Year Limited


The Permobil Koala Power Wheelchair is the perfect pediatric wheelchair for your home. From toddler to young teen, the Koala has everything that you would expect from a full-sized adult chair, but scaled to fit the needs of children. Built with the same iconic motor and front-wheel drive technology that Permobil is known for, the Koala can provide the exact power that other models are capable of.

Specifications: The specifications of the Koala power wheelchair are as followed: Maximum User Weight: 110 lbs, Maximum Speed: 4.5 mph, and Driving Range: 16 miles. Each Koala power wheelchair is built to withstand the rugged terrains of the outdoors with its tough exterior and hardened suspension system. Please be sure that you follow all safety measures when it comes to children users. Always keep a watchful eye on your child, especially when it comes to hills and slopes. The Koala power wheelchair is your safety alternative for children that are suffering from debilitating diseases or mobility impairment injuries.


Seat Elevator
Seat Elevator

Power seat elevator reaches 8" and allows for more accessibility

Remote Stopping
Remote Stopping

Remote stopping device allows for parental control

Optional Bumper
Optional Bumper

Optional bumper is an ideal safety accommodation for beginner drivers

Programmable Electronics
Programmable Electronics

Pilot+ Series programmable electronics are standard

Safety First Many pediatric power wheelchairs are essentially miniaturized versions of standard chairs. However, what many manufacturers don’t tell you is that they do not offer the same engine and safety features that other models do. Permobil aims to correct this by providing every young child with the opportunity to ride around safely. They have accomplished this through rigorous laboratory testing. Because safety should always be the primary concern when it comes to mobile impairment, Permobil works with the most seasoned safety specialists to ensure that your young one will be in good hands. This is Permobil’s promise.

Enhanced Mobility The Permobil Koala Power Wheelchair is an excellent choice to experience mobility for the first time. It is relatively small in size, and maneuvers easily and intuitively. It can also handle the outdoors extremely well. All in all, it is a tough little chair that has the looks and size that are perfect for a child. Additionally, The Permobil Koala Wheelchair has several added features and the ability to accommodate growth.

Adjustable Seats: Most power wheelchair companies care more about their profits then they do about the user. For instance, you might find a pediatric chair that looks perfect for a certain age group. However, as you already know, children tend to grow quite rapidly, and sooner or later, they’ll grow out of the chair. This means you’re going to be heading back to the shop to purchase a larger size one. Permobil has designed their Koala wheelchair to grow within a certain age group. Meaning, it can be fitted for a smaller individual, and once they begin to grow, it can be easily adjusted to fit their body weight and size without any issues. No longer do you need to worry about spending enormous amounts of money on a wheelchair, only to find out that it will only last for a year at max.

Options:The Koala Power Wheelchair comes standard with the latest technologies and modalities that Permobil is known for. Everything from power tilt, to their all-new elevating seat, command the road with the all-new Koala power wheelchair. Certain features such as the power tilt and arcing legrest may not come on every model. Additional accessories may be added at your discretion. Be sure that you contact your local Permobil customer service representative to ensure that you are receiving every accessory and feature that fits your child appropriately. Permobil is always ready to help you and your child thrive when it comes to mobility.


Length 38"
Width 22"
Height 28"/30"/34"
Transportable Size (L/W/H) 29" / 22" / 26"
Weight including Batteries 190 lbs.
Maximum User Weight 110 lbs.
Base Shroud Color Yellow / Red
Charging Time 6-8 hours
Driving Range 16 miles
Maximum Speed 4.5 mph
Turning Radius 22"
Turning Space, 180° 35"
Maximum Curb Height 2.5"
Choice of Upholstery leather, fabric
Seat Height 15" - 23"
Seat Depth (S/M/L) 10" / 12" / 14"
Seat Width (S/M/L) 10" / 12" / 14"
Back Rest Height (S/M/L) 14" / 16" / 20"
Back Rest Width (S/M/L) 10" / 12" / 14"
Back Rest Angle 90° - 165°
Seat Tilt Angle 0° - 25° / -5° - 20°
Arm Rest Height 5" - 10"
Foot Rest distance from Seat Pan 5"- 13"
Leg Support Angle 90° - 140°


  • 2 Year Limited Warranty

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