Rifton E-Pacer

Rifton (Model: K-660)
Price: $4,085.00

The E-Pacer is an exciting new addition to the Pacer family. Its sit-to-stand lift functionality removes a major barrier to gait training with large or highly dependent clients.

Weight Weight Capacity Warranty
72" 350 lbs 1 Year Limited

Rifton E-Pacer

The E-Pacer is an exciting new addition to the Pacer family. Its sit-to-stand lift functionality removes a major barrier to gait training with large or highly dependent clients.

The E-Pacer combines the powerful electric lift column and secure body support of the TRAM with the key gait training features of the classic Pacer. The result is more than the sum of its parts. The E-Pacer can be a life-changing solution for clients who have grown too large or too dependent to be safely transferred into manual gait trainers. Its strong and stable frame can accommodate users up to 6' 5" and 350 lbs.

The Benefits:

  • Zero-lift transfers: The E-Pacer can perform the sit-to-stand transfer that is part of every gait training session with no lifting on the part of the caregiver.
  • Gait training with extra stability: The E-Pacer’s strong and rigid frame gives security for heavier or taller clients.
  • Seat-to-seat transfers: Attach the thigh straps to the E-Pacer’s body support system and use the E-Pacer to move a client from a wheelchair to a mat table or other surface for therapy.
  • Expandable legs: Widen the base legs for clients needing extra step width or to get up close to a wheelchair prior to a transfer.
  • Height range: The 26" adjustment range of the E-Pacer’s electric lift column provides great versatility for use with clients of different statures.
  • Built-in scale: the optional Bluetooth-equipped scale and new Gait Tracker mobile app measure the load on the body support, allowing caregivers to track a client’s weight-bearing progress over time.

Rifton E-Pacer Features:

Rifton E-Pacer
Effortless Lifting

The carefully engineered, telescoping lift column gives the E-Pacer an amazing range of adjustment. It can be raised high enough to support a 6'5" walking client and then retract down to 32¾" for compact storage.

Rifton E-Pacer Switch Pole In Use

The switch pole accessory allows a caregiver or client to operate the electric lift without bending down.

Rifton E-Pacer Height Switch

In the absence of the switch pole or caregiver handle, the lift is operated with up/down buttons on the battery case.

The Ultimate in Gait Trainer Casters
The Ultimate in Gait Trainer Casters

The innovative casters have swivel lock, brake, variable drag, and directional lock functionality. Use any combination to control the E-Pacer's speed and direction.

Swivel lock: Each caster's swivel can be locked independently. Lock all four to help clients walk in a straight line, or just the two rear casters to eliminate drifting sideways. Release swivel locks on all casters for movement in any direction.

Directional lock: Set each caster to prevent involuntary backward movement. (Only works with swivel locks engaged.)

Variable drag: Made with the same material used in automotive brakes, our variable drag feature gives you greater control with the simple twist of a dial.

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