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An In-Depth Look Into Wheelchairs: Function Versus Recreation

When it comes to wheelchairs, one has a variety of options that are available to meet a client’s need. However, it can be somewhat difficult to determine whether or not you want to move up or down in a specific category of wheelchairs. In this article, we will explain how Invacare manual wheelchairs are indicated. This will determine how you can go about approaching the purchase of a wheelchair. Some clinicians view manual wheelchairs as a failure of therapy. However, in order to improve functional skills, sometimes the best means of achieving therapeutic intervention is through the use of mobility - which manual wheelchairs provide to patients.

Functional Mobility

What is functional mobility? The essence of functional mobility provides movement within an environment in an efficient and safe way. Efficiency in this case means that undue effort or time is not mandated. People choose various mobility aids depending on the tasks at hand and the condition of the individual using it. For example, if someone were to ride around the environment on a bicycle, they would be doing it for recreation rather than function. On the other hand, if a college student were to head to campus, it would be for the reason of being less costly than paying for parking. Recreation versus function is an important factor that needs to be carefully considered prior to making the purchase. Continue Reading

Wheelchair users may have much difficulty with their mobility skills due to a preexisting condition or from muscle weakness. There are several movement disorders that impair balance and even provide cardiopulmonary insufficiency. The client may also be ambulatory and must have additional support in order to prevent injury. Invacare power wheelchairs are ideal examples of function versus practicality. In the case of disorders such as ataxia, one may only have the ability to move around with the wiggle of a finger. Power wheelchairs provide balance in that they can function with limited mobility.

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