Hospital Bed Trapeze Bars

A hospital bed trapeze bar, also referred to as an overhead trapeze or a medical trapeze, is a medical patient transfer device that is placed over the head of a hospital bed. A Trapeze normally consists of a metal hanging triangle bar secured by a strong metal base which is connected either directly to the bed frame, or the ceiling. This provides the user with something secure to grasp & lift them self up when changing positions in bed or transferring out of the bed, and into a wheelchair or mobility device.
Overall Height Safe Working Load
38" 168 lbs.
Trapeze Floor Stand
by Invacare (Model: 7714P)

List Price: $230.95
Overall Height Safe Working Load
61" 168 lbs.
Offset Trapeze Bar
by Invacare (Model: 7740P)

List Price: $255.95
Overall Height Safe Working Load
73" 650 lbs.
List Price: $2,795.00

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