Comfort Company M2 Cushion

Comfort Company
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M2 Cushion Brochure
Comfort Company (Model: E2607/E2608)
Price: $250.00
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Varies by Size 200-400 lbs 3.75", 4.25" N/A

Comfort Company M2 Cushion

The M2 Wedge cushion controls forward leaning by adding slight anterior height. 

Quadra3d Gel

The pressure-relieving Quadra3D gel pack reduces shear forces and heat build-up. Includes four three-dimensional compartments that evenly distributes gel under the seated surface.

  • Tapered leg adductors increase in width near the back of the cushion to give support to the greater trochanter.
  • Deep lateral and medial leg contours promote postural alignment.
  • Coccyx relief cutout eliminates pressure on the tailbone and spine.
  • Non-skid bottom fabric offers hook and loop attachment.
  • Constructed with dual density foam, a molded foam base, and Quadra3D® Gel pack.

A new cover option adapted from leading prosthetics technology, GlideWear is designed to promote healing and reduce the risk of Pressure Injury through the use of the Shear Reduction Zone.

GlideWear provides:

  • Reduction of shear forces to increase skin protection
  • 100% breathability for microclimate control
  • Improved comfort from reduced friction

The GlideWear technology option is available as an embedded upgrade to Stretch-Air & Comfort-Tek fabric options. Latex free.


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