LEVO LCEV Standing Manual Wheelchair

What's Included
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Weight Capacity Seat Depth Seat Width Chair Weight
265 lbs. 11.5" - 21" 13.75" - 20.75" 55 - 57 lbs.

LEVO LCEV Standing Manual Wheelchair

The Levo LCEV standing manual wheelchair is an active, agile manual wheelchair that gives you life enriching standing at the touch of a switch. Levo LCEV standing manual wheelchair's quiet and reliable electric actuator moves you from seated to full standing - and if you choose - release the switch and stop securely and comfortably at any position in between.

Seating and Standing mechanism
  • Complete standing position up to 86°
  • Sit, Stand – and anywhere in between
  • Electric actuator standing – smooth, stable, safe
  • Numerous health benefits because of more frequent standing
  • Six ground stability points ensure solid and secure standing position
  • Optimal and matched body mechanics in all seating and standing positions
  • Different switches available for people with all levels of hand and finger function
  • Electrical standing unit: operated by the touch of a switch, engages powerful actuator
Wheelchair characteristics
  • Agile, Active, Compact
  • Accessories to build your personalized chair
  • Excellent driving characteristics indoor and outdoor
  • Simple and fast adjustment for individual preferences
  • Convenient quick release rear wheels, front castors and a folding backrest for easy vehicle transport
  • User weight up to 265 lbs.
  • Compact, maneuverable, light
  • Smooth standing and positioning movement
  • Colors -5 standard colors (blue, red, yellow, platinum, black)
  • Six ground stability points ensure solid and secure standing position
  • Adjustable for upper and lower leg length, foot position and back height
  • Switch activation and switch option for all levels of hand/finger function
  • Safe and secure stand-up operation elevating to any and all angles between sitting and 86° standing
Services available:
  • resna certified assistive technology practitioner (ATP)
  • please call us for product customization as per your requirements

Levo LCEV standing manual wheelchair

Size S-M L-XL
Seat width (SW) 13.8"/15"/15.7"/16.5"/17.7"/18.9"/19.7" 13.8"/15"/15.7"/16.5"/17.7"/18.9"/19.7"
Total width (W) 20.9"/22"/22.8"/23.6"/24.8"/26"/26.8" 20.9"/22"/22.8"/23.6"/24.8"/26"/26.8"
Total length (L) 33" - 35.4" 36.6" - 40.9"
Total height (incl. backrest (H) 31.5" 31.5"
Backrest upholstery height 12.2" min. 12.2" min.
Seat upholstery height (front) 19" / 20.1" / 21.2" / 22.4" 19" / 20.1" / 21.2" / 22.4"
Seat upholstery depth 11.4" - 16.5" 17" - 22.4"
Footrest Height and angle adjustable Height and angle adjustable
Total weight 55 lbs. 57 lbs.
Rear wheels 22" / 24" / 26" 22" / 24" / 26"
Batteries 2 Batteries 12V/ 2,7Ah 2 Batteries 12V/ 2,7Ah
Transport dimensions max. (TLxTWxTH) 33" x 23.6" x 17.7" 33" x 23.6" x 17.7"
Discrepancies in the measurements may arise due to wheelchair modifications.

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