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  • Alber USA

    Alber USA


    Having a disability does not mean having to give up an active life. Alber USA can help give you back your independence and increase your quality of life. Alber USA’s Twion Power Assist Wheels allow you to go longer distances without getting fatigued. The Twion Power Assist Wheels can fit almost any wheelchair and travel up to 10 km/h. When you are done with your journey for the day, the Twion Power Assist Wheels can easily be removed from the chair for easy storage.

    Benefits of Twion Power Assist Wheels

    • Optional smartphone app
    • Optional Mobility Plus package
    • Track and record your usage via GPS
    • Handheld display shows your current speed, traveled distance, or the charge status of the batteries


    Similarly to the Twion Power Assist Wheels, the E-Fix is an additional drive option that allows you to convert your manual wheelchair into a mini electric wheelchair. The E-Fix will allow you to drive longer distances without overly exhausting your extremities. You can control the speed range from 0.5 to 6 km/h at the gripping regulator. Take charge of your life with the E-fix Power Assist.

    Benefits of E-Fix Wheels

    • Option to push by hand even if the wheelchair even with an E-Fix attached
    • Disassemble with ease. No tools required
    • Easy storage
    • Compact
    • Optional smartphone app
  • Amy Systems

    Amy Systems

    The Rapid Evolution of Wheelchair Lifestyle

    Despite the obvious benefits that a wheelchair offers to the user, it also represents a disliked and intensely difficult lifestyle that an individual must endure. The psychological impediments are some that cannot be reversible. Essentially, you are taking away that person’s freedom to walk on their own two legs and forcing them to be confined in a chair. However, with new technology, users are now able to utilize the functions of wheelchairs to allow for more mobile freedom. It’s understandable for the user to become frustrated with the confinements of a wheelchair. It’s a daily reminder that they will not be able to live the same type of lifestyle that they were accustomed to.

    An appropriated wheelchair user must be carefully observed by the caretaker - more or less if they are an elderly individual. They require the utmost attention and care. Since each user’s needs are unique and different from one another, each situation should be handled differently. Continue Reading

  • Eagle Health

    Eagle Health Supplies, Inc

    Eagle Health Supplies has become known as an innovator in the durable home medical equipment business for over 20 years. The Eagle Health sliding transfer bench began as a simple and economical piece of bathroom equipment that has evolved into more than 30 different models. Sherman Oaks Medical Supplies carries a variety of different models with different weight capacities, back options, dimensions and sizes, and different seat options in regards to commode cut-outs.

  • EZ-Access

    EZ Access

    Ramps can make all the difference in transferring wheelchair-bound people from indoors to outdoors. Pushing a heavy duty manual chair down the stairs is not the safest way to transfer a person outdoors to take them for a stroll or to a doctor’s appointment. Sherman Oaks Medical Supplies carries a wide range of EZ Access ramps to make your lives easier!

    There are different types of ramps available:


    • Perfect for doorways, raised landings, curbs, and more
    • Provides a sturdy platform for equipment to smoothly glide over
    • Available in aluminum, rubber, and fiberglass
    • Weight capacity up to 1000 lbs


    • Available as a suitcase ramp or a trifold ramp
    • Lightweight
    • Easy assembly
    • Easy to disassemble


    • Special order only!
    • Most safest ramp available!
    • Available with different handrail types
    • Ramp lengths from 2'-8' and platform sizes up to 8'x5'
    • Rust resistant

    EZ Access ramps can be found at your local Sherman Oaks Medical Supply store. With thousands of the finest medical supplies and equipment, you and your loved ones will find everything that they need to promote good health and wellness. For more information, browse all their online goods at the web store today.

  • Flex-A-Bed

    Looking for the ultimate bed that molds to your body and provides maximum comfort? Flex-A-Bed might just be the perfect bed for you! Flex-A-Bed has a variety of models to choose from. Flex-A-Beds are available as either soft, medium, or firm comfort level and come in either in twin, full, queen, and dual king in 74, 80 and 84 inch lengths. All of the beds also come with locking castors that can be removed in order to decrease the bed height about another two inches depending on the model of the bed. Low profile mattresses also allow further decrease in the bed height. The mattresses are available in low profile, gel-infused memory foam, memory foam, latex or combination innerspring/memory foam.

    Styles of Flex-A-Beds available

    Hi Low Flex-A-Bed

    Hi Low

    • Perfect for those in home healthcare, or assisted living environments.
    • Great for easy transfers in and out of the bed
    • Available as wireless or wired controls
    • Available with dual times massage option
    • Optional side rails
    • Height adjustable setting from as low as 26" to as high as 33"
    Premier Flex-A-Bed


    • Height adjustable with a standard at 23 inches (Option to lower to 21 inches by removing the casters)
    • Premier comes with knit fabric quilt panel mattress
    • Heavy duty padded base
    • Option to attach head and foot boards to the bed
    Value Flex-A-Bed


    • One-touch wired controls
    • Heavy duty base
    • Locking casters
    • Option to attach to existing headboards.
    • Height adjustable with a standard at 23 inches (Option to lower to 21 inches by removing the casters)
  • Golden Technologies

    Golden Technologies

    Deciding on a brand of Power Wheelchairs, Scooters, and Lift Chairs for a loved one can be a difficult decision to make. Now, it doesn't have to be! One of the leading brands that Sherman Oaks Medical Supplies carries is Golden Technologies. This is an excellent brand, and many users & caretakers alike find themselves recommending Golden Technologies today.

    Golden Power Wheelchairs allow users to re-claim their freedom, independence, and Mobility. The plush and comfortable Power Lift Chairs are convenient for people with disabilities that like to sleep while watching television in a sitting position. The convenience of a Power Lift Chair is the ability to recline in it and avoid an unnecessary transfers from the chair to a bed. Lastly, the Golden Technologies Scooters are the best options for people who have some mobility and are able to weight-shift, but not able to walk long distances without assistance.

    Lift Chairs

    With six series and dozens of models to choose from, you will find the right combination of size, weight capacity and options.


    Ready for the ride of your life? Hop aboard one of Golden's four lines of scooters, and discover a newfound sense of freedom.

    Power Chairs

    Our Power Chairs help you enjoy life to the fullest, in comfort and in style.

  • Harmar


    How to Prevent Slippage in Bathrooms for the Elderly

    There are a variety of medical products that can help you accommodate the changing needs of elderly individuals. It is important to consider safe modifications when designing an accessible bathroom in order to prevent the elderly harm from slippage. Safe modifications include bathroom chairs, transfer benches, bath lifts, grab bars, and other items. Continue Reading

  • Hill-Rom

    Hill Rom

    Hill Rom Company manufactures long term care beds, patient lifts, and LIKO (A Hill Rom Company) slings. Sherman Oaks Medical Supplies is a proud retailer of one of the highest quality and most sought after equipment. Make transferring your loved ones a breeze with the powered patient lifts, accompanied by a comfortable sling by LIKO.

    Long Term Care beds:

    • Maximum safety and comfort
    • High/low mechanism
    • Raises to heights from 8.5 to 26.5 inches
    • Easy to clean
    • Removable headboard and footboard
    • Rails included
    • Battery backup
  • Inogen

    Inogen Company

    Respiratory Care

    Meeting your oxygen needs are a priority in any situation. Respiratory distress can be extremely fatal, especially in those who are long-time smokers or have a history of lung issues. Inogen Company is a respiratory care provider that supplies high quality, lightweight, and energy-saving equipment. They’ve always maintained a high standard when it comes to quality and they continue to transcend the industry, as we know it today.

    Taking Care of Your Oxygen Concentrator and Nasal Cannula

    • Routinely clean and test the unit on a daily basis
    • Calibrated it properly
    • Seek out a technician to perform maintenance routinely
    • Moisture buildup in the unit and the nasal passages can create occlusions, therefore decreasing the overall flow of oxygen to the patient Continue Reading
  • Invacare


    Sherman Oaks Medical Supplies carries over ten different brands of wheelchairs. Among the top selling brands, Invacare is one of the most recommended ones. Accessories can be added to your Invacare wheelchair to allow you to design your wheelchair to fit your specific needs. Any basic wheelchair can become an extraordinary wheelchair that will help improve your quality of life.

    Invacare not only produces manual wheelchairs and power wheelchairs, but they are also excellent manufacturers of hospital beds, patient lifts, and bathroom equipment. Our Invacare products will provide safety and independence. Continue Reading

  • Joerns


    Providing care for patients with limited abilities can be quite a challenge. Whether it is providing comfort or transferring your loved one, heavy lifting and push/pulling can cause serious back strains. Joerns Healthcare can not only take some of the burden off the caregiver’s shoulders, but it is also beneficial to clients using the Joerns equipment. Patient safety is an important factor when it comes to caregiving. Sherman Oaks Medical Supplies carries specific Joerns Healthcare items, such as their hospital beds, Hoyer lifts, and Hoyer slings, that will help you provide care to your loved one.

    Benefits of Joerns Healthcare

    • Reduce falls
    • Prevent pressure ulcers
    • Prevent back strains
    • Provide quality comfort

    Long Term Home Care Beds

    • Increased comfort
    • Height adjustable (Go as low as 7", or as high as 30". Makes transfers easy!)
    • Optional side rails
    • Adjustable head and foot of the bed
    • Portable

    Hoyer Lifts and Slings

    • Safely transfer loved ones with ease
    • Prevent patient and caregiver injuries
    • Allow for more activity and mobilization of the patient
  • Karman

    Karman Manual Wheelchairs

    Karman is one of our popular selling brands of manual wheelchairs. Karman carries a vast variety of manual wheelchair models as well as power wheelchairs and even scooters that will surely accommodate you for your own specific needs. We carry all Karman products including transport wheelchairs, standard wheelchairs, lightweight wheelchairs, ultra lightweight wheelchairs, ergonomic wheelchairs, tilt wheelchairs, powered wheelchairs and scooters. No matter what your needs are, one of these equipment will surely help you rehabilitate and carry out our activities of daily living with ease and comfort.

    The Karman manual wheelchairs allow the person in the chair to propel themselves with or without assistance from a caregiver. Only transport manual wheelchairs do not have a self-propel option. The self-propel manual wheelchairs allow more independence and freedom to ride as you please.

    Why Choose Karman?

    • Increased comfort and safety
    • Customizable to fit your body dimensions
    • Reduced pressure on bony prominences, such as on the buttocks and the sacral areas
    • Lightweight and compact; Some Karman manual wheelchairs are as lighter than 25 lbs!
    • Ability to accessorize your manual chair however like.
    • S-shaped seating
      • Even pressure distribution throughout your back and legs
      • Increased safety and stability, as the angle of the seat will prevent slipping out of the chair and the need to weight-shift
      • Promotes a neutral posture to prevent back aches
    Karman S-Shape Seating System

    Deciding which type of Karman manual wheelchair is right for you can be a difficult choice to make. Depending on your budget, model, category, and your needs, certain Karman wheelchairs might suit your needs better than others. Our expert staff at Sherman Oaks Medical Supplies can help you find something that fits all your areas of concern.

  • Liko (A Hill-Rom Company)

    Liko (A Hill-Rom Company)

    Liko (A Hill-Rom Company) manufactures long term care beds, patient lifts, and slings. Sherman Oaks Medical Supplies is a proud retailer of one of the highest quality and most sought after equipment. Make transferring your loved ones a breeze with the powered patient lifts, accompanied by a comfortable sling by Liko.

    Long Term Care beds:

    • Raises to heights from 8.5 to 26.5 inches
    • High/low mechanism
    • Maximum safety and comfort
    • Easy to clean
    • Removable headboard and footboard
    • Rails included
    • Battery backup
  • Nova Ortho-Med


    Nova provides high quality products at affordable rates. Sherman Oaks Medical Supplies carries a variety of Nova Products, such as:

    • Rollators
    • Knee Walkers (Great for foot or ankle injuries)
    • Bathroom Equipment
      • Bedside Commodes (Available with or without wheels)
      • Shower Commodes (Available with drop-arm function or with standard arm supports)
      • Transfer Benches (Available with or without back support)
    • Transport Chairs (Available in different colors and sizes)
  • Permobil


    Sherman Oaks Medical Supplies is a proud retailer of Permobil. One of our goals are to improve the quality of your lives as best as we can. With the Permobil power wheelchair, you can achieve maximum freedom and independence!

    Choose from powered equipment, such as:

    • Front Wheel Drive
    • Mid Wheel Drive
    • Rear Wheel Drive
    • Pediatric
    • Standing

    Read more about our safety tips

  • Pride Mobility

    Pride Mobility

    Pride Mobility is one of Sherman Oaks Medical Supplies most sought after Power Mobility manufacturers. Whether you are looking for a Mobility Scooter, a Power Wheelchair, or a Power Lift Chair, Pride has got you covered! Pride Mobility provides expertly designed, engineered, and tested products, which incorporates the most technologically innovative features on the market. This enables users to achieve the highest quality of life and mobility goals.

  • ResMed


    Oxygenation should be a priority when caring for loved ones who experience respiratory distress. Proper equipment utilization can immediately improve your oxygenation and help you breathe easier. ResMed devices are respiratory therapy products that help treat distress symptoms such as obstructive and central sleep apnea. Sherman Oaks Medical Supplies carries Resmed oxygenation supplies to improve the quality of your life, including:

    • BiPAP machines
    • CPAP machines

    It is essential to know which type of machine is right for you. Please consult with your healthcare provider to assess which type of mask you need. You must acquire a prescription in order to be able to purchase your CPAP/BiPAP.

    Benefits of CPAP/BiPAP Machines:

    • Decreased chances of experiencing respiratory distress
    • Improved oxygenation
    • Improved quality of life
    • Less daytime sleepiness
    • Decreased risk of stroke and cerebral events due to lack of oxygenation when used appropriately
    • Enjoy a peaceful night’s sleep without snoring

  • Respironics

    Philips Respironics

    What is CPAP therapy?

    Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) machine is the most common means to help with sleep therapy. CPAP machines deliver a continuous flow of airway pressure to your throat. For those with sleep apnea, this ensures that your airway stays open during the hours of sleep. It constantly provides oxygen, especially during spontaneous pauses in breath as experienced with sleep apnea.

    Styles of CPAP Machines Available

    CPAP Full Face Mask

    Full face masks

    Full face masks let you breathe with your mouth open while you sleep.

    CPAP Nasal Mask

    Nasal masks

    Nasal masks are ideal if you breathe through your nose while you sleep.

    CPAP Nasal Cradle Mask

    Nasal cradle masks

    Nasal cradle masks eliminate contact with the bridge of your nose.

    CPAP Nasal Pillow Mask

    Nasal pillow masks

    Nasal pillow masks provide a seal around each nostril with minimum contact to the face.

    What is a BiPAP Machine?

    BiPAP machines are similar to CPAP machines; however, the only differentiating aspect is that BiPAP machines deliver two pressures, while CPAP only delivers one pressure.
    Pressure 1: Inhalation positive airway pressure (IPAP)
    Pressure 2: Exhalation positive airway pressure (EPAP)

    BiPAP is perfect for patients that require higher levels of oxygen as well as specific modalities that a CPAP simply cannot offer.
    It is essential to know which type of machine is right for you. Please be sure to visit your healthcare provider to assess which type of mask you need. It is required that you obtain a prescription in order to be able to purchase your CPAP/BiPAP.

    Oxygen Concentrators

    Sherman Oaks Medical Supplies carries a variety of oxygen concentrators as well. There are a wide variety of oxygen concentrators. We have Philips Respironics portable models and stationary models.

    Which one is right for you?

    • Do you have a size preference?
    • Where and how much will you be using your oxygen concentrator?
    • What type of oxygen therapy will you be having?

    Portable vs. Stationary

    Portable Stationary
    • Great for active people who are always on the go.
    • Compact
    • Lightweight
    • Battery operated
    • Small enough to fit anywhere in a car
    • For home use only
    • Quiet
    • Durable
    • Not battery operated
    • Requires a reliable source of power
    • *Good to have a backup generator in case of power outages.
  • Sunrise Medical

    Sunrise Medical

    From seat and back cushions to power and manual wheelchairs, Sunrise Medical has got you covered!

    Manual Wheelchairs:

    • QUICKIE Active rigid wheelchairs
      • Great for active users
      • Fewer movable parts
      • Ultra lightweight
      • Excellent balance and control
      • exceptional performance.
    • QUICKIE Active Folding wheelchairs
      • Portable
      • Collapsable frame
      • Adjustable
      • Ultra lightweight
    • QUICKIE Tilt-in-Space wheelchairs
      • Increased comfort and positioning
      • Tilt option
      • Great for feeding, improved breathing, pressure reduction, and improved visual field

    Continue reading about Power Wheelchairs and Seat & Back cushions here

  • The Roho Group

    The ROHO Group

    ROHO, Inc. is a manufacturer of specialty mattresses and cushions for prevention of ischemic ulcers or pressures sores, as they are commonly called. ROHO support surfaces are lightweight and comfortable. They are especially perfect for individuals who have Stage I or or Stage II pressure injuries.ROHO mattresses and cushions use a ROHO DRY FLOATATION technology, which mimic the properties of water, in a dry, air-fluid environment. The flexible air cells that compose the entire support surface allow for uniform sitting and reduce shear pressures. This technology has been proven in countless clinical studies to assist in effectively healing as well as preventing pressure sores. Additionally, the inflation level of the mattresses and the cushion can be set to whatever density feels best for you.

  • TiLite

    Ti Lite

    There are many brands of wheelchairs to choose from. Each brand is unique in its own way. TiLite is one of our most recommended brand of manual wheelchairs. Here's why:

    The Best of TiLite:

    • Upgrade with as many accessories as you'd like!
    • Designed with safety and comfort in mind.
    • Available as foldable or rigid.
    • Increased durability.
    • Lightweight (Lightest model weighs 9.3 lbs!)
    • Easy to transport
    • Many color options
    • Weight capacity of 250 lbs and above.

    Continue reading here

  • Volker (A Hill-Rom Company)

    About Hill-Rom Hospital Beds (Volker)

    Hill-Rom Hospital Beds are a leading worldwide manufacturer and provider of medical technologies and related services for the health care industry, including patient support systems, safe mobility and handling solutions, non-invasive therapeutic products for a variety of acute and chronic medical conditions, medical equipment rentals, and information technology solutions. Hill-Rom's comprehensive product and service offerings are used by health care providers across the health care continuum and around the world in hospitals, extended care facilities and home care settings to enhance the safety and quality of patient care.

    Volker Beds (a Hill-Rom company) has become well-known for developing a new generation of healthcare beds and Hospital Beds for the benefit of occupants and patients, for the benefit of caregivers and service personnel.